Question Time!

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  • captainmarvel50
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    Penguins 🐧, owls 🦉, swans 🦢, peacocks 🦚!!!

  • annaw25
    Post count: 381

    Humming birds and owls. 😎🤪.@HappyLLama55

  • azalea_aurora
    Post count: 80

    Penguins and Doves

  • harlierose
    Post count: 548

    Mine is American robin 💛

  • chickenlover12
    Post count: 122

    Chickens 🐓!!

  • happyllama55
    Post count: 53

    What is your favorite types of birds? I love Owls and tucans. I think they’re adorable!!!!

    P.S Sorry I havn’t bean on here in a while I had a lot going on

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