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    Give molly lots of attention and maybe get a another kitten to play with!!! I have three cats and that’s what theywant!!

  • hazel5
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    Hi pets can definitely be a tough responsibility but hey it is not at all difficult. You need to get her toys she can play with. Get her a scratch pad and experiment by giving her different types of cat foods. And give her love and attention because that’s definitely what cats want. I havent had one but my cousin has it and she keeps telling me so thats how I know about cats! ❤️❤️😻 @kittygirl363 hope this helps! 

  • radicalrye
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    If molly is an indoor or mostly indoor cat than being inside all the time can make her feel bored and depressed and not happy IF she is not getting enough playtime and stimulation. It is especially important that you play with her enough for her to grow up happy and healthy. So my suggestions for if she is any of those things and if you want to make her happier are 1. play with her more and get interactive toys for her to play with while you are gone some really good ones are puzzle boxes which have balls and toys and treats for her to get out which will keep her entertained for hours. 2. there might be something like where she sleeps what she eats where her litterbox is or something else that can be causing her to not be so happy so try to figure it out and fix the problem and if she is normally happy then all of a sudden isn’t then something might be wrong so take her to the vet 3. make life a little bit more…… fun cats aren’t that easy to please or make happy sometimes but by doing stuff she enjoys that will make things fun for both you and her some ideas for fun stuff are teaching her tricks and because she is a kitten it will be easy to do since she is young, do your favorite things with her if possible, treat her to her fav treat come up with your own games for her make forts and tunnels out of boxes and if your friend has a cat too set up a kitty playdate! This also just might be her personality and some cat breeds are happier or grumpier than others but if you still want to make her happier you could look into getting another pet as a playmate and friend. Hope this helps:)

  • gigibeans
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    Maybe she’s always lonely. I think that u should save up money and get another kitten .

  • kittygirl363
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    how should i make my kitten Molly happier??

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