“I don’t know why, but I get this wonderful feeling when I see someone happy.”

Thashajayani is a 13-year-old Miss O member who who goes by @Thaji. She loves to read, write and listen to music. She also plays keyboard, draws and does photography. She says she gets bored pretty easily and likes switching between hobbies.

thaji “There’s one thing common in all of my hobbies,” she said. “They involve a creative mindset. That’s what I love: to create.”

 While she may spend a lot of her time flipping between hobbies, there’s one thing she loves more than anything else: making others happy.

 “I don’t know why, but I get this wonderful feeling when I see someone happy,” she said. “Like my heart is in peace or something. It’s such a divine feeling.”

 She says that seeing other’s happy, in turn makes a person happier so she tries to make everyone feel confident about themselves and do greater things. By giving emotional support and giving those around you a break from negative feelings, you give those around you a distraction from negativity.

 “We just need to find the root of where those negative thoughts come from, so then we can make them go away,” she said.

 Thashajayani says when she’s feeling sad she often listens to music. She even has a playlist that she often shares with others when they’re feeling down.

 “Sometimes I dance( when nobody’s looking, of course!),” she said. “I try to convert my feelings into lines and put them all together to create a poem. I try to make something productive out of my feelings. It’s like I get ideas and motivation to create when I’m sad.”

  Thashajayani describes her happiest memory as the time she successfully presented a speech in front of an audience.

 “I was so scared because I thought they wouldn’t like it or I’d screw up,” she said. “But after I ended the speech I was so confused because I didn’t remember what happened when I was on stage.”

 She said she just forgot what happened!

 “I was so nervous on how other people will react,” she said. “But then, during the chief guest’s speech, he mentioned me and my speech and how good it was.”

 He praised her for her speech and the audience was awestruck. It’s the day she conquered her fear of public speaking. She said, “I felt so proud of myself after a long time. That’s my best memory until now.”

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