“I think that you should live up to be who you truly are.”

Ava is the 12-year-old Miss O member known as @avascores21. You’ve probably seen her on the site entering Winitz auctions, playing games, completing quizzes and keeping up with everything happening on the Girl 2 Girl wall.

When she’s not giving advice on the G2G wall she’s also playing soccer. She says the reason she loves the sport is because she can compete in tournaments while making new friends, and learning the key essentials of being on a team.


 But most importantly – Ava understands the importance of being yourself.

“At my school, there was this girl who was very popular, kind, nice, and inclusive,” she said. “One day after school, she told her friend that she found out her true self. She found out that her sexual identity was Lesbian.”

 Two other students overheard her and taunted and bullied her in the hall. She ran into the bathroom and cried and Ava rushed after her saying she needs to be herself and thrive. The two eventually became good friends and went to a teacher to end the bullying.

 Ava explained that at the time she had many friends but not too many good friends. She had no one who was loyal to her all the time.

“Helping someone achieve something can make you really happy,” she said. “I really enjoyed helping someone else because just my small act of kindness impacted someone else’s life, in a good way. I also got to make a good friend who I can always count on and talk to.”

 Now Ava wants everyone to know why it’s important to be yourself. She said, “As humans, we all naturally compare ourselves to other. Comparing yourself to other people is an unhealthy habit.”

 It is OK to be different. Different is unique and unique is good. Imagine a whole world full of a bunch of clones, that would be pretty boring. If we are all different, the world would be a lot more exciting.

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