This Girl of the Moment is writing books to teach young readers the importance of saving the planet!

Yasmine Hamdi is known as Miss O member @Authorgirl and also the 17-year-old author of “Spirit of the Wind.” It’s the story of Kyrah and Lynn, 12-year-old cousins vacationing at a seaside camp when they come across unfamiliar animal tracks along the beach. This leads them on an adventure of a lifetime to solve the mystery.

 “I decided to write Spirit of the Wind after reading news articles and watching documentaries about animals who were going extinct and whose homes were being destroyed by humans,” said Yasime. “I wanted to raise awareness about these issues while also providing a fun adventure story with strong female characters that my readers could relate to.”

Yasmine began by creating characters and then started writing. Her story was inspired by her own experiences traveling and childhood adventures with her own cousin.

It was also a love of wildlife and nature that lead her to write her book.

 She said, “Wildlife is what makes our world so beautiful, and if we continue to disregard it, there will be nothing left for future generations to cherish. Also, wildlife depends on us and we depend on it.”


The manuscript underwent countless changes before making it to the final draft, and two professional editors helped her complete the project.

She explained that, “sharing my book and its messages with so many people is very rewarding.

“I’ve gotten reader pictures from all sorts of places around the U.S as well as from people in Australia, New Zealand, Poland and other countries! To know that my book is reaching so many people is really awesome.”

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