“I feel that each of us is a jewel.”

11-year-old Aashvi, known on Miss O & Friends as @aashvisanghvi wants people to understand the importance of being themselves.

“All of us here are girls, all of us here are humans. Then, what makes us different from each other? Our thoughts and actions,” she said. “Rather than wanting to be like someone else, I always want to be me.”


 Aashvi says that by trying to imitate others, we lose our true identity. She says, “don’t just be yourself, be the best version of yourself.”

 When she’s not on Miss O & Friends posting about her favorite books she’s expressing herself creatively by writing stories, drawing and through arts and crafts. Aashvi said she likes things that she can do on her own so every time she looks at it she can remember that she is different from others.

 “I am learning Hip Hop and Indian Classical,” she said. “What I love about dancing is that it is a stress buster and I feel I can express my feelings by dancing.”

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