“It’s encouraged many people to ignite their light and use the gifts God gave them!”

 talkinboutchloe loves acting, modeling, Contemporary Christian music and has a kinda-sorta-maybe obsession with Starbucks.

 So, what does her love of Christian music and fancy coffee drinks have to do with being a Girl of the Moment? Honestly…not a whole lot.

 But Chloe is also responsible for creating a website called, “Ignite Your Light” that she hopes will inspire her readers.

 She created her blog to inspire other teens through Christian principles, believing that everyone should feel special and loved and that no one can be defined by what others think of them.

 “Teens are always so underestimated but we can change the world and I’ve already seen it happen,” she said.

Readers can expect to find anything a teen or adult might have questions about or struggle with, as well as a sciences and debate section. She said that the site has inspired teens and adults to use their natural talents and given teens more respect within the community.

“I’m just ecstatic about how many people I reached with this blog and how much it has impacted the lives of these people,” she said. “It just makes me excited for what’s to come in the future with this blog.”

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