“I think it’s a life time adventure.”

You probably know 13-year-old Ruba as @ruba65 where she likes to post in the Give Advice and Girl Talk Sections. When she’s not posting in the Girl 2 Girl wall she likes to help out at the animal shelter.

ruba65 Her love of animals began when her aunt got a cat. “I am actually scared of cats which make it more lovely as I am afraid but still care about them,” she said.

While she may not love cats Ruba explained that she loves dogs. She said she likes to read to the dogs because she knows they’re listening.

“I have a lot of interest in dogs and the animal shelter is full of dogs,” she said. “The unique thing is I love feeding and playing with them.”

 Ruba also said she’s had some crazy and funny experiences working at the animal shelter.

 “The most crazy experience I had with an animal is a rabbit,” she said. “I was feeding a carrot ti him and he actually took my whole hand inside his mouth well it was not the craziest but the funniest. I couldn’t believe that he actually fit my whole hand in his tiny little mouth.”

 Unfortunately, Ruba doesn’t have any pets of her own so she has to visit the animal shelters in order to spend time with animals. She says there aren’t many animal shelters where she is from but in the future she would like to become a vet so she can help more animals.

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