Girl of the Moment Winner: pearljosling

@pearljosling is a 15-year-old Miss O Member who loves dance, drama and history – but mostly dance. In fact, she’s been dancing ballet for thirteen years now. 

“I got into dancing because I have always enjoyed it from when I first started it,” she said. “I love dance because it helps me express myself in a creative way.”


 While she may have fallen in love with dance, she said it hasn’t always been easy.

 She said her exams have been pretty challenging, especially grade four, when she achieved a distinction for her dance exams.

 “I felt so proud and definitely rewarded when I knew I did well,” she said. “Because it makes me think that I’m getting positive feedback for all the hard work I put into dancing.”

 While Pearl may be busy practicing her latest ballet routine, that hasn’t stopped her from helping others. She has also donated money to help the homeless.

 She said, “I donated money to the homeless to help contribute getting a place for them to stay during the winter.”

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