“I would say never to quit and to always follow your dreams.”

 At only 11 years old Leila has one dream – to win an Olympic gold medal in gymnastics.

Also known on Miss O as @midnight-rainbow, Leila has been involved in gymnastics for the past six years.

midnightrainbow1 “My mom enrolled me really early because I was climbing on everything in the house,” she said, “I started walking when I was 8 moths old and started climbing before I was one.”

The soon-to-be gold medal winner started off in Toddler Tumbling and worked her way up through (but has never managed to stop climbing over the furniture.)

 “My favorite part of gymnastics is that I feel free!” she said, “I also like the feeling that I achieved something when I work on a move over and over, then finally get it perfect!”


 But the road to the Olympics isn’t easy, and more than once she’s felt like giving up, “I got past this by trying to remain confident. I talk about things with my mom and try to stay positive. It really helps to get encouragement from other gymnasts because I know other kids have the same feelings.”

 Now of course even future Olympians don’t spend all their time at the gym. When she’s not practicing back flips, hand stands and cart wheels she’s also involved in other sports such as figure skating and archery – so it wouldn’t be a surprise if we one day see her competing in both summer and winter events.

 On top of her busy sports schedule she’s also loves fashion, “I have always been into designing clothes and styling and I am now learning to sew my designs.”

 So in other words, the soon to be gold medal winner of figure skater, gymnastics and archery will also be decked out in only the best leotards, dresses and equipment.

 With The 2016 Olympic Games coming to an end we’re saying good bye to some of our favorite athletes, but there’s no doubt we’ll be seeing Leila on the 1st place podium one day soon.

 What do you think of @midnight-rainbow? Have you ever dreamed of being in the Olympics? Let us know in the comments below.