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This Girl of the Moment Left an Inspiring Note for her Teacher

Meet @kyra.miller37! She’s had her favorite teacher, Ms. Spencer, for the past three years.

 “Through ups and downs she is the only teacher that allows me to be weird and be myself in her classroom,” she said. “She allows me to feel comfortable wearing a cool T-shirt and I know her classroom is very open minded and judgement free.”


 Kyra said that she noticed her teacher was feeling down so she got up the courage to ask her how’s she’s feeling. Her teacher told her that her dad was in the hospital and wasn’t doing so well so Kyra decided to try and make her feel better.

 “Outside her classroom is a small whiteboard,” Kyra said. I wrote my teacher a note that’s says how much I adore her.”

 Kyra said she decided to leave her a note because it was hard to see someone she cared about struggling. She also said that earlier in the year she struggled with bullying.

  “Ms. Spencer wrote me a letter that said how everything is going to be okay and so I wanted to return the favor,” Kyra said.

 Her teacher appreciated the note so much that she even published it in the “Unseen Heroes” section of her school’s yearbook.

“I was shocked,” Kyra said. “…and I thought oh my goodness Ms.Spencer and I ran to her classroom and she said ‘thanks for being my little hero’ to this day I wouldn’t want any other teacher.”

This isn’t the only time Kyra has left notes for people. She says she also leaves notes for her parents and the impact it made makes her want to leave encouraging notes for more people!

 Kyra said, “It’s important to help people when there sad because it shows them no matter what pain is in the earth, there is always a bright side to what happens and by me helping someone else who is sad, it allows them to potentially help someone who is sad and it helps create a domino effect of kindness.”

Have you ever written a note for someone feeling sad? What do you do to cheer others up? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to send us a Girl of the Moment entry HERE!

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  1. hazel5 06/03/2018 at 1:15 pm

    wow!! ms spencer sounds like a sweetheart <3

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