Get to Know Tati McQuay

Dancing queen, Tati McQuay, plays “Izzy” in our new YouTube Red Original Series, Hyperlinkedand is also a member of the girl group L2M! In this exclusive interview, Tati shares all her favorite things, what’s she’s most insecure about and the best advice she’s ever received. 



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Birthday: August 30th
Hometown: Kitchener, Canada
Nicknames: Tati (my full name is Tatiana)
Hyperlinked role: “Izzy”


Fave quality about “Hyperlinked” character, Izzy: Her goofiness 

I look up to: my mom

Biggest celebrity crush: Justin Bieber

Fave moment while filming “Hyperlinked”: Either the snow ball fight or the scene where Jenna (Olivia) cracks eggs on our heads!

Favorite outfit on “Hyperlinked”Basically all my outfits were my fave because my character Izzy and I are so a like that most of the outfits were something I would actually wear!

My advice about boys:  They’re just boys, so you should never feel uncomfortable around them… it’s ok to be friends with boys, sometimes they can help you when you have a problem with one of your “girl friends” 

My favorite emojis are: ?????

My fave song from “Hyperlinked” is: “White Lies”

Psssst… if you didn’t already know, L2M has 11 new music tracks you can catch in Hyperlinked! Oh and Tati choreographed the dance moves in all the music videos!

My fave movie: Split
My fave thing to do on a Saturday is: Hang with friends
The song I get most emotional singing: Purpose by Justin Bieber
I can’t leave home without my: Phone

I’m most insecure about: My smile, because I don’t like my teeth 

My best stress reliever is: Sleep

The quote I live by is: “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’M POSSIBLE” – Audrey Hepburn 

The best advice I ever got was: Haters are always gonna hate but the best thing you can do is kill them with kindness 

How I feel about boys: Boys make me happy because a lot of my friends are boys and I even have two brothers

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My fave feature about me is: My eyebrows

The app I can’t live without: Instagram and Snapchat! Follow me @tatimcquay!

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