Get to Know Mariangeli Collado

Rising star, Mariangeli Collado, plays “Juliette” in our new YouTube Red Original Series, Hyperlinkedand is also a member of the girl group L2M! In this exclusive interview, Mari shares all her favorite things, what’s she’s most insecure about and the best advice she’s ever received. 


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Birthday: April 11th.
Hometown: Miami, FL
Nicknames: Mari
Hyperlinked role: “Juliette”

Fave quality about “Hyperlinked” character, Juliette: Probably her want for perfection. She’s always thinking things through before hand, and never finishes a project that she feels isn’t her best.

I look up to: Jordan Fisher. Not only has he been able to make himself a career in film in music, but he was also able to branch out all the way to broadway! That’s something I really hope to accomplish one day!

Biggest celebrity crush: Dylan O’Brien! ?

Fave moment while filming “Hyperlinked”: This would probably have to include something behind the scenes. Because we got to work with the most amazing crew that always made us laugh, and at some points even cry! Not only did they do awesome with their jobs, but they became our second family.

Favorite outfit on “Hyperlinked”Was a green turtle neck that I wore under black overalls (which were actually mine!) and a pair of black heeled boots!

My advice about boys: To not overthink things, which I learned, and am still learning, from my amazing friends. I’m constantly getting stressed out over things that sometimes don’t even have to deal with boys, and what i’ve learned is that no one honestly think as deep into things as you might. So don’t sit on your phone for hours thinking about what would happen if you text him, just go for it!

My favorite emojis are: ?❣️☺️?⚜️

My fave song from “Hyperlinked” is: Definitely “All In.” Even before we recorded it, I knew it was gonna be insanely cool!

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The coolest thing I’ve ever done is: Probably getting to meet the entire cast of “Hamilton” on my thirteenth birthday! I owe a big thanks to Anthony Ramos for making it happen. 

My fave movie: The Space Between Us!!
My fave thing to do on a Saturday is: Hang out with friends. Definitely. 
The song I get most emotional singing: Probably So Big // So Small from the Broadway musical “Dear Evan Hansen.”
I can’t leave home without my: Phone, but along with my headphones. I love listening to music whenever I can, so I always carry my headphones around in my bag!

I’m most insecure about: My choices in life. I’m scared that people will judge me for the way act. I’m always trying to do whats right for the people who deserve it, and show them that I care for them. However, that can sometimes make it look as though I “favor” certain people.

My best stress reliever is: Talking to my best friends. They always know how to calm me down.

The quote I live by is: “What’s your favorite thing about Earth?” – The Space Between Us

The best advice I ever got was: That if I felt as though I was gonna regret something later, that I should just go for it. Whether it’s an event that I’m debating on going to, or just talking to a friend about something. 

How I feel about boys: They make me happy because whether I see them as a crush or just friends, they always bring some sort of excitement into life and never fail to have a good time!

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My fave feature about me is: The way I treat my best friends. I’m always looking out for the best in them, and love them for who they truly are.

The app I can’t live without: Instagram. I’ve been into photography for a while, so I feel like Instagram is where I share all my work. Follow me @mariangelicollado!

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