Get to Know Lexi Drew

Fashionista, Lexi Drew, plays “Ella” in our new YouTube Red Original Series, Hyperlinkedand is also a member of the girl group L2M! In this exclusive interview, Lexi shares all her favorite things, the best advice she’s ever received and what she can’t leave home without!



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Birthday: December 21
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Nicknames: Lex or Texi ! with a T since I am from Texas haha
Hyperlinked role: “Ella”


Fave quality about “Hyperlinked” character, Ella: She is a very brave girl is very confident with her self and style and isn’t afraid to stand out.


I look up to: Cher Lloyd, Rhianna, and Alessia Cara


Biggest celebrity crush: Justin Bieber cuz who DOESN’T love him? ❤️ ?


Fave moment while filming “Hyperlinked”: Filming the scene where Jenna cracks eggs on our heads!!


Favorite outfit on “Hyperlinked”Any outfits that I wore that I made! I got to incorporate clothes that I made into my wardrobe for the show!
My advice about boys: Keep the good ones around!!

My favorite emojis are: ⚡️??


My fave song from “Hyperlinked” is:  “All In.” 

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Lexi the fashionista! She has new fashion collaboration out with CHICK by Glossy! It’s CHICK by Lexi Drew. Check it out!


My fave thing to do on a Saturday is: Run around with friends!
I can’t leave home without my: Phone, My white Nike Hightop Airforce 1s!! 


My fave feature about me is: My eyes

My best stress reliever is: Dance


The quote I live by is: “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” – Coco Chanel


The best advice I ever got was: Being told to not be afraid to be who I want and it’s okay to not be like everyone else.


How I feel about boys: Boys make me laugh because they are crazy fun!!


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The app I can’t live without: Instagram and Snapchat!!! Follow me!


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