Get To Know Austin Mahone

Watch out, Justin Bieber! With his soulful vocals, sweet brown eyes, and awesome guitar skills, Austin Mahone is winning the hearts of girls all over the country.


The Texas-born teen began his career posting cover videos of popular songs with his best friend Alex. Now, he has a debut album set to drop soon, a hit collaboration with Flo Rida, and a loyal fan base of ‘Mahomies’! Get to know Austin Mahone.

Name: Austin Carter Mahone

Birthday: April 4th, 1996

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Favorite Band: Boyz II Men

Height: 5’7

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Sports Team: San Antonio Spurs

How did your career start?singer, mahomies

Austin: I started putting videos on YouTube about 2 years ago with my best friend, and then I made a separate channel and just made covers of popular songs. Then I started travelling to do like birthday parties, and meeting lots of different people and travelling to different states and doing live performances.

When did you first get interested in music, and when did you begin to see it as a potential career?

Austin: My first instrument was drums and I started playing that when I was 6, and then I played guitar at 14 and piano like a couple months ago. And the more I play music and practice all those instruments, the more it just felt like this is what I wanted to do, like that’s what was like supposed to happen for me.

What can fans expect from your debut album?

Austin: My album is hopefully coming out by the end of the year – I’m trying to give it to my fans as a holiday present – and it’s going to be like”Say Somethin.” So it’s happy, and upbeat, but there will also be some ballads on there, some urban songs, maybe a little R&B. But overall, it’s mostly going to be like”Say Somethin.”

When did you first meet Taylor Swift? singers, red tour

Austin: I met her a year ago in this little cafe. She walked in and I introduced myself. I said, ‘Are you Taylor Swift? She said, ‘Yeah.’ I said ‘I’m Austin Mahone. I do music and I’m on YouTube.’ She was like, ‘Oh, that’s so cool, keep working hard.’ Now, a year later, I’m going on tour and it’s so crazy how it all came about.

How did you get to be her opening act?

Austin: I wanted to do a song with her. She was like, ‘Forget the song; let’s go on tour!

What are you most looking forward to on the tour?

Austin: I’m really looking forward to hanging out with her and performing with her and meeting Ed Sheeran [who’s also opening]. It’s going to be fun since I’ve never been on a tour before, so I’m looking forward to it!

How did your fans get the nickname ‘Mahomies’? austin mahone fans

Austin: It was actually, me and my friend were talking about how clever”beliebers” were, and we were trying to come up with like fan names. Like two years ago we were like,”If we had a fan base, what would our fans be called?” I just came up with Mahomies and I thought it sounded cool.

What do you want to say to your fans?

Austin: I wouldn’t be anything without you! One of the things I pray for at night is that you will always be by my side. I just wanna say I love you all so much. I’m so thankful for everything that you’ve done for me and everything that you do for me.

Do you enjoy the JB comparisons?

Austin: I think it’s great because he’s so successful and talented, but it can get annoying sometimes because I’m not trying to be the next Justin Bieber. I want to do my own thing and be my own person. I think people see that I’m 16 and also started on YouTube, but I’m really trying to make a name for myself without being”the next Justin Bieber.”

What has been the most difficult thing you have had to deal with in your life?

Austin: Probably like being hated on in high school. I lived in this little country town, and all my group of friends, we’re like the only people that are from the city and dressed differently. I was like this outcast person and they just didn’t like me for some reason. It was hard, but my friends got me through it because I wasn’t the only one. So, I thank them for that.

Do you have a saying or motto that you live by?

Austin: Yeah, I have it on my phone. It’s my screen saver.

“Make the most of every opportunity because you only get one chance.”

So, I want to take advantage of that.

What advice do you have for aspiring singers?

Austin: For people who are doing the same thing like I did, just keep working hard, never give up on your dreams, because you’ll never know what’s gonna happen. I never knew it was gonna blow that big. No matter what happens and no matter what the haters are saying, just keep going.