Friendship Advice


Most girls have had problems with keeping and maintaining friendships.

This may be a problem if you have low self esteem, been bullied, or have been a bully in the past.  Some have different views on friendships.  Here are some advice scenarios and examples on advice.  Feel free to ask for advice in the comments!!  Don’t be shy!!

  • The Transfer Student:

    girl holding a bunch of national flags

    Picture it: being a new student or a transfer student at a new school.  It is a slight big deal.  If she is shy, let her get used to the school.  Introduce her to some of your friends, or welcome her into your group.  She will be enjoyed.

  • Friend Running for President:

    Your friend wants to run for president!!  The problem is, nobody wants to help her!!  What to do?  Ask the principal if your friend could make a motivational speech and if she says yes, the principal may say yes.  Support her, but don’t go too far with the support.

  • A Friend Who Brags A Lot:

    popular girl

    Your best friend xyz is a great friend to have.  She is just perfect!!  You and xyz have a ton in common, except she has a problem.  She brags and gloats!!  Talk to her about it and explain to her that bragging is okay sometimes, but not all the time.

  • The Depressive Girl:

    You really want to befriend the new girl at school.  You want to text your friend about it, but she says not to befriend her.  But befriend her anyway.

  • The Academic Girl:

    nerdy girl

    New girl Taralynn is very shy.  She is almost always picked on by other students just because she is shy and has high functioning autism.  The truth is, she gets straight A’s, loved by all her teachers, and is willing to help others.  Others called her a geek and a nerd for just always sitting alone at lunch, working all the time.  You want to befriend her, but don’t know what to do.  First, introduce yourself.  Then, take it slowly.  Introduce Taralynn to some of your friends.

  • The Popular Girl:

    Mean Girls (L-R): Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried, Lacey Chabert, and Rachel McAdams, miss o and friends, mean girls, popular girls

    On the first day of school, you walk in showing off your schoolgirl outfit.. complete with your brand new black glasses!!  You have gotten really good grades, and just as you walk in, snickers emerge.  Some kids laugh.  Then the popular girl emerges.  She looks mean, but is actually nice.  She invites you to lunch.  Just thank her.  She is nice after all.