This young entrepreneur isn’t letting type 1 diabetes or celiac disease stop her from growing her business!

 Hannah Grace is an 11-year-old entrepreneur with a thriving beauty business. Back in 2016 her and her family were in a health and beauty store when her father mentioned that she could make the same products the store was selling.

 Challenge accepted!

HannahGrace1 Not only did she manage to make her own bath bombs, but within weeks her home-made beauty products were selling in local gift shops and are now being sold online and in 8 retail outlets. Not only that, she’s also donated over $3000 to various charities, and is committed to donating 20% of all web sales to JDRF. Talk about impressive!

We had the opportunity to interview this is incredible young entrepreneur about how she managed to grow her own business!

1. Who is your favorite musical artist?
 Camila Cabello 
2. What song can you listen to on repeat all day long?
consequences (camila cabello) 
3. Go to hairstyle?
4. Piece of clothing you can’t live without?
5. What is your 2019 New Years resolution?
To journal and get my back handspring perfect in gymnastics
6. How has living with type 1 diabetes affected your life?
 It makes me have to be a lot more careful about anything I eat. Even if I really want something sweet or whatever I cant unless my blood sugar is good. I also have more to deal with in school like being checked by the nurse and seeing the nurse before and after lunch
7. What made you start making bath bombs?
 My dad challenged me. we were going to lush to buy bath bombs and he said instead of always spending money at lush why don’t I make them and even sell them. I accepted the challenge!
8. What charities do you donate to and how do you choose them?
 I donate to JDRF and beyond type 1 which is Nick Jonas organization. I choose them because I normally do the JDRF walk and try to raise money and beyond type 1 contacted me and wanted to partner. I also donated 2 clean water wells to villages in India that didn’t have clean water
9. Why did you decide to donate to charities?
 I thought it would be nice to give back because I have diabetes and I know so many people struggle with it. we want to find a cure!
10. What’s the inspiration behind the name BeYOUtiful?
 No one has to be any one else to be beautiful you just have to beYOU = BeYOUtiful . I have diabetes and celiac and sometimes I used to wish I was someone else and then I thought no I don’t. I can just be me and I’m beautiful even with diabetes.
11. Have you ever thought about branching off and making other beauty products?
 Yes, I have tried slime and soap. slime was ok I sold it at a local shop and the soap is a hit at many different events but not as big as my bath bombs. I also dl still shower cakes. I also have a partnership with @546apparel who made the first Beyoutiful shirt they sell on their website
12. What is your biggest goal for your business?
 My biggest goal right now is probably to start a subscription box or get on a famous T.V show to spread the word about my business. I think I would like to act on a tv show also some day.
13. What advice do you have for other Miss O girls who might be battling type 1 diabetes?
 Stay strong keep going and don’t stop fighting we will get a cure someday. fight thru the bad days and enjoy the good days. take care of your body so when your older it won’t be as bad.
 Ever created your own bath bombs? Plan on starting your own business? Let us know in the comments below!