How do I log in and join the Miss O site?

Click the LOGIN tab in the nav bar and follow the instructions in the window. Make sure you pick a good username/screen name that you really like because you can’t change it.

Do I need to have an email address to join? 
Yes, you do need an email address to join.  This is how you are connected if you want to receive the weekly and/or monthly Miss O Club newsletter and alerts when you win contests, earn badges, and get friend requests. We DO NOT share your email with anyone. It also helps if you have forgotten your user name or password. We can always look it up for you with your email address!

How much does it cost to join? 
Nothing. The Miss O Club is free to join.

I forgot my screen name. Can you tell me what it is? 
Yes. Your screen name is the unique item that identifies your account. If you contact us at [email protected] telling us your name and email address you used when you signed up, we can provide your screen name.

I forgot my password. Can you tell me what it is? 
You can click on “Forgot Password” under the password box.  Instructions for a new password will be provided to you via your email address. Follow the instructions emailed to you and you should be all set!

I’m getting an error that says “the username part of the email address doesn’t seem to be valid.” 
Check to make sure there are no blank spaces in the email address and that your email address is complete with the @ symbol and “.” (like “[email protected]”)


How do I log out? 
Scroll over the My Profile tab on the left side of the header. Scroll down and you will an option to Log out. You can also logout by clicking the Log out button underneath your About Me information on most pages.

I was logged out of my account. What happened? 
To keep your account secret, we automatically log you out of your account when there’s been no activity for 15 minutes. Don’t worry, you haven’t lost any points. Just log in again to get started again!


Miss-O-profile-detailHow do I change my Avatar/Pic ? 
Go to your My Profile tab, and click it. You will see Change Profile Photo  tab. Click. You will see a collection of photos and avatars you can choose from. Click the one you want and it will change your Profile Photo.

How do I change my Cover Image? 
Go to your My Profile tab, and click it. You will see Change Cover tab. Click. You can upload an image there. For better results, make sure to upload an image that is larger than 669px wide, and 225px tall.

profile page


How do I see if I have any new notifications?
Click on your name and it takes you to your Profile or go to the purple navigation bar under My Profile and click Notifications

How do I see who my friends are?
Go to the My Profile tab on the left side of the header and click Friends. You can view your friends, status of your requested and also see if you have any new friend requests. Or view in the Activity tab. (see above)

Can I change my Miss O Club screen name?
There is no way to change your screen name. Make sure you pick one you really like because it’s something you can’t change.

How do I change my password?
Go to your Profile page, click on Settings. You can change your password there.

How do I change my email or change my parent’s email address I used when I signed up?
Go to your Profile page, click on Settings. You can change your email there. You will get a notification email to verify your new email. Make sure you click on it to verify. Once you do that, then you have successfully changed your email address.

How do I view my Badges
View your badge collection by clicking My Profile tab.

How do I talk to other girls on the site?
If you want to talk to other girls on Miss O, go to the Socialize tab at the top. This will take you to the Girl2Girl Wall where you can ask & answer questions, comment and reply. If you want to mention another Miss O member, use the @ and then type her screen name after. She will get a notification that she was mentioned in a post. Here’s an example: @MissO

How do I message other users?
The best way to do this is to add an @ infront of their screen name. They will see that their name comes up in their notifications.You cannot send a direct message, but you can talk with them on the Wall under Socialize in the tool bar. Just join whatever groups you like and talk there.

How do I add a TOPIC to the Girl2Girl Wall
To add a TOPIC to a GROUP, you must first Join the Group.
Once you have joined, go to FORUM.
In FORUM,  you can add a NEW TOPIC at the end of all the questions posted.


How do I get Miss O Points? 
You must be a Miss O Club member to earn Miss O Points. When you are logged into your account, there are many things you can do to earn Miss O Points – play games, refer friends, submit or comment on the Scoop, answer correctly any quiz question, and play Pick or Pitch. Visit HERE to see how you can earn points.

What do I do with my Miss O Points? 
You don’t “do” anything with your Miss O Points. Your Miss O Points automatically enable certain features of the site. As you earn Miss O Points, which are the “currency” of the site and can be used to enter contests and sweepstakes to win free stuff through the auctions.

Do my Miss O Points expire? 
No. Your Miss O Points will never expire or decrease.

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How do I submit an article to the blog?
You must be logged in to submit an article. Go to Submit an article and enter it there. Write a post title, post tag, answer the anti-spam question, choose a category, write your content and upload a photo! Please note, your post will have to be approved before it goes live on the site. 

How long will it take before my article is posted?
We try and post articles as fast as possible, but we get a lot of submissions so please be patient. If you have inappropriate content, identifiable information or your article is mean/derogatory, it will not be posted. You will receive a notification to your account when it’s posted.

Report a user

If you see any inappropriate comments on the site, you can Report a User. Go to the post and you click on the Report a User button or go to their profile page, by clicking on their screen name and report it there. We at Miss O and friends, get a notification of the reported user immediately. We will do our best to review the posts and will delete the user if we feel the content in inappropriate.

We are constantly monitoring the site to keep it safe!

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How do I get Miss O Badges?
You can earn Miss O Badges for your collection doing a variety of things. You’ll earn them when you reach certain point levels, are chosen for contests, have your story published, etc.

When will I receive my badge?
Miss O Badges do not appear automatically once you earn one. Badges are given out nights via a computer script, so please allow 24-48 hours.

I saw my name on the Point Leaders list, but I didn’t get my badge.
The Top 10 Point Leaders Badges are awarded to whoever holds the top 10 positions as of the end of the contest period (midnight EST for daily). It could be that you are a leader when you’re on the site, but then someone overtakes your position later in the day and bumps you off the list.

I told 3 friends about the Miss O website, but I didn’t get my Ambassador Badge!
In order for us to track who joins because of the email you send them, they need to join by clicking on the link you sent them from your profile page. If they didn’t do this, then (unfortunately) we have no way of knowing who referred them and who to give the badge and points to.

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How do I enter Winitz Auction?
You need to be a Miss O Club member to enter to win. Use your Miss O Points to enter the WinItz Auctions or Sweepstakes. There are new prizes every week, so keep checking back to see what new stuff there is to win!

Why is there a limit of 2,000 words in a story? 
We limit the amount of words to keep them easy to read for our audience. Longer stories also take up more room on our website server, and we want to make sure we have enough room for everyone!

Loading Time
Sometimes the site loads slow based on the amount of traffic we are getting OR your based on your connection to the internet. Be patient as it will load. In order to make our site FREE, we do run ads that help us “pay the bills” and sometimes they cause the site to load a little slow.

Loading time and performance will differ depending on your Internet connection and the amount of site traffic.

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I’m not getting the Miss O Club Weekly and Monthly Newsletters
You may not have signed up for them when you joined. If so, click this link and sign up for the newsletter of  your choice, weekly, monthly or both!

I’m not getting any emails from Miss O and I signed up to get them
Make sure you have entered your email correctly in your profile page in Settings. Make sure the below Miss O email addresses are added to your address book. Otherwise these Miss O emails and notifications may go into your Junk or Spam folders.

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

How to I subscribe / unsubscribe to the Miss O  emails ?
Go to the My Profile tab on the left side of the header and click Settings. Click Email button. You can change what emails you want to receive from us.



Some of our games require Flash or Java, although now on our new mobile friendly site they are in html5, so you can play them on your iPhone or iPad. If they are flash games, you can play them on your Kindles, Fires on any non-Apple tablets and phones. Apple doesn’t like Flash. Please note that any flash games you play on the desktop version of Miss O and friends, will not show up on an iPad, iPad mini, iTouch or iPhone. They will show up on Androids, Fires and non-Apple tablets.

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Still have a question? Ask in our group in the Girl2Girl Wall or  E-mail us!