Famous Middle Children


Hey there. We hear about middle children being very unlucky but that is not true at all! Today I’m going to be listing 5 famous and successful middle children.


    Abraham Lincoln the 16th president of the United States had an elder sister named Sarah and a younger brother named Thomas.


    Jennifer Lopez was the middle child among 3 girls. She was known as the ‘athletic one’. Her mother had kicked her out of the house when she decided to drop out of college and pursue acting, but look at her now shes a shining star.


    Actress Anne Hathaway has an Oscar, a Golden Globe, an Emmy, and her very own non-fan group called Hathahaters. Critics from Twitter to The New Yorker have called Hathaway affected, annoying, and too perfect to be likable. The good news: Growing up the only girl between two brothers was probably like a dress rehearsal.


    Before co-founding Microsoft and becoming one of the wealthiest people in the world, Bill Gates was a smart aleck middle kid at odds with his parents.


    Before she sang about being “not a girl, not yet a woman,” Britney Spears was just a loud, energetic middle child. After years of dance, voice, and gymnastics lessons, Spears was cast in The Mickey Mouse Club in 1992. Six years later, she released ….Baby One More Time, the highest selling album by a teen artist. (Belieb that!) She’s been a huge celebrity ever since, for better and for worse. Spears’ siblings haven’t achieved the same fame. Her look-alike younger sister Jamie Lynn starred in Zoey 101 on Nickelodeon, which was cancelled when she got pregnant at 16. Spears’ older brother Bryan was named the co-trustee of her estate after her struggles with mental illness.


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