Fall Essentials

Hi everyone, it’s Akunna today I will be telling you my five fall essentials, fall or the English say autumn is here and we need to be fashion ready.
So let’s get started:-

A plaid t-shirt:- It’s so cute with a black t-shirt and jeans plus it has the main colors of fall.

fall outfits
Boots:- There are two boots that I think every girl should have in their closet; one:- tall boots such at winter boots or knee-high boots which are very cute for special occasions or booties so ankle boots in some cases it spices up your outfits like pumpkin spice lol.

Candles:- (With parents permission) You can light a candle that is fall scented from like Bath and Body Works or off of online. It makes your room smell good but makes it makes feel cozy. #comfycozy.

A knit sweater:- So maybe an oversized knit sweater from H&M that you can use as a dress or with leggings or you can get a knit size that fits you and you can pair with jeans and tuck it in.

Lastly, A scarf:- When it gets really chilly, you can pair a scarf with your plaid shirt, booties, knit sweater or dress it keeps from getting a cold but also makes you look fabulous.



Bonus:- You should make a fall playlist. Full of your favorite songs at the moment or to songs you can read, sleep or relax to. You can make your playlist off of YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud, Musi e.t.c
I hope you like this blog and I will see you next time bye from Akunna