Explorer Academy  Series



REVIEW WRITTEN BY: Sidney Grace Culwell

“The Falcon’s Feather” is the second book in the Explorer Academy Book Series and it does not disappoint! When I finished the first book, “The Nebula Secret,” I could not wait to get started reading “The Falcon’s Feather” to see what is in store for Cruz and his friends. I was immediately drawn right back in to the world of the Explorer Academy and it is so thrilling!

“The Falcon’s Feather” picked up with Cruz Coronado and his Explorer Academy friends embarking on a daring trip aboard Orion, the Explorer Academy ship. While aboard Orion, Cruz and his friends, Emmett and Sailor, become fast friends with another trainee named Bryndis, who is from Iceland. The four friends will not only get to explore the North Atlantic, but they will uncover more about the mystery behind Cruz’s mother and her secret formula.

As their journey begins aboard Orion, Nebula is one step away from capturing Cruz. Between searching his room for secrets and trying to force them out of him, Cruz can tell that Nebula will stop at nothing to get rid of him and his mother’s secret formula. While on a super cool underwater expeditionto help save some endangered whales, Nebula even tampers with Cruz’s diving helmet. No matter what the cost, Cruz knows he has to find his mother’s formula even though one of her former co-workers is found murdered, too.Explorer Academy book series

Between shocking discoveries and trying to solve mysteries, this book will keep you guessing until the very end. Will Cruz and his friends find out who keeps sabotaging them? Will they live long enough to solve the puzzle? Find out in the “Explorer Academy ~ The Falcon’s Feather” and see what happens as Cruz and his friends continue their search for answers.



Falcon's Feather book review