How to Invest in Yourself Without Stress?


Between school, friends, and all your extra-curriculars, time can be, well, stretched thin. We need to take care of ourselves while meeting our responsibilities. A big part of that means taking care not just of our bodies, but of our minds and spirits, too.

Keep Your Mentality Positive

Almost nothing is as important as our health, and that extends to more than just our weight. One thing that can drastically improve your life and how you feel is by staying positive. Part of being able to do that is learning to not let what other people say get to you. If someone doesn’t think your hobbies are cool, or someone tries to make fun of you for something you love, do your best to not let that bother you. Don’t let the opinions or judgments of other people have any control over you or your emotions. People say mean things usually because they’re scared or unhappy themselves. If one thing you’re trying to do is lose weight, you need to keep a positive mindset. Try not to focus on losing weight. That’s not a healthy mindset. Instead, focus on what you can do to lead a healthy life, which means working out. If you’re going to weigh yourself, and you really should try to avoid it, limit yourself to once a month.

Getting Good Sleep

Those who are still growing need more sleep than the average adult. Teens and children should get at least nine hours of sleep every single night. Without proper sleep, you may experience an increase in anxiety or even depression, as well as difficulty performing well at school. To sleep better, stick to a schedule, even on your days off. It may be difficult, but cut back on tech before bed, avoid sugar at night, and do some relaxing stretches in the evening. Try listening to calming music or taking a hot bath 30 minutes before bed. All of this can help you unwind and get a good night of rest.

Staying Healthy

Exercise is one way you can feel good, emotionally and physically. You’ll be able to master stress and anxiety, as well as get a boost in your energy levels. If your schedule is too full to take a sport or exercise class at school, it can be tough to find time to work out regularly. Thankfully, you don’t need to go to the gym to get a good routine in. Instead, think about what you can do at home. While you don’t need equipment, having a small home gym can help make things more fun than, say, running in place. Think about where you have the most room, whether that’s a home office, the basement, or your garage. The things you get don’t have to be expensive, either. A resistance band doesn’t cost much and can be used in a variety of ways. A balance ball is inexpensive yet adds fun to your regimen. Put on your favorite music, turn it up, and have a blast in your own private space.

Having Fun

You should be having fun. This is the perfect time to do so, even if school can make that seem impossible. Genuine enjoyment can actually help you keep your stress levels down. Some people may look for fun in unhealthy places, but that can actually increase anxiety. Instead, focus on doing healthy things you love. Again, don’t let anyone else tell you what hobby is good, or what is nerdy and uncool. Often, the things we love in our youth stick with us as we age. Enjoy the things you ‘re passionate about, and don’t let others ruin them for you. If you don’t know where to start, experiment! Try a blog, find a fun game online or with friends, read a new book, or try out some tutorials online. You can even get crafty and pick up jewelry or perfume making.
There you have it, girls. You can totally master your health while looking after your emotions and mental health at the same time. It may seem like a lot at first, but as you adjust to your schedule, things will get so much easier.
Article written by Sheila Olson of
Image Courtesy of Pixabay