Jamie-KellyJamie Kelly is the star of the “Dear Dumb Diary” book series by Jim Benton.

Now that her dairy was made into a movie, we wanted to get the scoop on the star herself and how she feels about her diary being exposed on the big screen! Miss O Girl Justine was able to snag the exclusive interview with her.

Justine: How does it feel to have your very own movie?

Jamie: It feels good. It’s important to point out that its not Angeline’s movie

Justine: How much creative input did you have with the movie

Jamie: I lived it, baby. I LIVED it.

Justine: What made you decide to start keeping a diary?

Jamie: I don’t remember. Diaries are a good way to scream at the top of your lungs without getting in trouble or scaring a beagle bad enough that he bites you.

Justine: How do you feel about millions of people reading your personal diary?

Jamie: Wait. What.

Justine: How have people you’ve written about in your diary reacted to what you’ve said about them?

Jamie: When did people read my diary? Hang on a second. WHEN DID PEOPLE READ MY DIARY?

Justine: How did you first meet your BFF Isabella?

Jamie: Back in first grade. I forgot my lunch and Isabella was so sweet that she pulled this kid’s hair until he gave me his.

Justine: What is it about Isabella that makes her such a good friend?

Jamie: So many things! Most of the time if you start really crying, Isabella will get off your stomach.

Justine: What makes Hudson so dreamy?

Jamie: One of the things I love most about Hudson is that he’s not too ugly for me, and I’m not too ugly for him. We’re a great match. Just like Romeo and Juliet.

Justine: Does he know about your feelings?

Jamie: He better not (I’m looking at you, Isabella.)

Justine: What is school like for you at Mackerel Middle?

Jamie: Mackerel Middle School prepares you for the real world, which is also super boring.

Justine: Are you excited about high school?

Jamie: Yes. I think that all of your problems just vanish when you hit high school.

Justine: What do you want to do when you grow up?

Jamie: Well, I’m already a writer and an artist. I’ll probably just be a taller version of that that shaves more.

Justine: Describe your style.

Jamie: I’m what you would call Artabulous. We artistic types like to follow our inner voice when we’re assembling a look out of whatever’s clean.

Justine: What is your idea of a perfect day?

Jamie: Oh I don’t know. I guess any day that begins with a smile and ends with a song. And Angeline moves away.

Justine: Do you have any secret talents?

Jamie: I’m an excellent dancer and I can form an opinion faster than anybody I know.

Justine: What are your hobbies?

Jamie: I really love koalas. They’re like if a bear and a monkey had a baby and they gave it a miniature Snickers bar for a nose.

Justine: What is your most embarrassing moment?

Jamie: I don’t know. They all seem to melt together into a huge bubbling lake of embarrassment. Are you telling me there are people with only ONE most embarrassing moment?

Justine: What advice do you have for girls about surviving middle school?

Jamie: As long as nothing embarrassing or stupid or boring or infuriating happens, you’ll be fine.