ElleBox: Period Coping That All Tweens and Teens Need

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ElleBox: Coping That All Tweens and Teens Need

Periods are every girl’s worst enemy. With constant pain and embarrassment, us girls, continue to suffer through this menstrual disaster.

Good thing there are tools and various items that are supposed to make our periods easier.

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One that I’d like to particularly point out is Ellebox’s new Tween Box!

It’s a period subscription box, dedicated in helping young women with their period troubles.
Providing comfort and consideration into their well-packaged and heavily thought-out boxes.

The package that I received from them contained 14 pads, five pantie liners, a chocolate bar, nail polish and a bag of delicious black tea.

To say these goodies helped me during my time of the month would be an understatement.

It made things a lot more convenient! Like, A LOT more convenient!

I still can’t get over how superb that tea was! It really helped soothe my cramps and headaches.
The well-supplied essentials and the quality of the products really makes this box shine from the rest.

This Tween Box can also be the perfect gift to give to your friends or siblings to celebrate that time and make it a little less dreadful!  I recommend it to any girl! 


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