Elevator Drama


The cramped hallway of my small school was flowing with kids after lunchtime.

“What did they eat?” I said to my best friend Veronica who I was walking with.

“Ten bowls of sugar a bet!” replied Veronica.

We let out a small chuckle. We were on our way to health class until one of the older kids pushed us against the elevator.

“Hey!” Veronica screamed although nobody was paying attention to her.

As we were stumbling to get back up on our feet, some kid went flying against the elevator causing the door to open. The crowd shifted pushing me and Veronica into the elevator. The door slammed shut.

“That’s odd,” I said to Veronica,“we didn’t even push any buttons.”

By the time I finished my sentence, Veronica was already on the elevator ground sobbing.

“Lola!” She said and sniffled. “What are we gonna do?”

I looked at her and rolled my eyes. “Listen Veronica. We haven’t even been in here for ten minutes yet.”

Veronica looked up at me and smiled. “You are right Lola,” she said “We have been here for seven!”

A sound of panic raised in her voice.

“Seven minutes!” I yelled. I was in panic. I sat down on the elevator floor next to Veronica. We were quiet for a while until Veronica pulled out a pen and paper. “What’s that for?” I asked.

Veronica looked down and said “My will.”

“Your what!?” I said.

She ignored me and started reading aloud. “I Veronica Elizabeth Walker, today write my will. I wished to live until I was thirteen but only made it to twelve. Tell my story and give all my money to my cat Muffles. He really needs a new scratching post. Get him one ones with the stories, at least three. And tell my family that I loved them.”

I sat and listened to her in annoyance. We had been in the elevator for so long we didn’t even notice that it had stopped. ” Veronica…”

“Yes!” She screamed at the top of her lungs. She wiped her tears away with a tissue and slammed the open button.

Veronica and Lola walked out carelessly… only to end up in a mysterious room.

Veronica opened her eyes ” L…Lola. W…were are we?”

“Huh? I don’t know.” I said.

Veronica blinked back her tears. “Okay Lola. We can figure this out.”

I liked this change in Veronica. “You’re right.” I replied.

“Look! A door!”, yelled Veronica.

“Run to it!” I said.

We ran like lightning with out a care in the world. When we made it we opened the door. It lead to the outside of our school.

“We made it Lola! We made it!” cheerfully yelled Veronica.

I looked at my watch. “Schools out!” I yelled.

We didn’t even care. We ran to our houses. As soon as we got home we started texting each other.

“What a crazy day.” said Veronica

“Agreed.” I replied.

We put down our phones and I went to her house for a sleepover. The whole night we chatted and laughed about our day. Our Elevator drama.