Easy Hairstyles for a Lazy Day that goes with every dress


Even on a lazy day, every girl wants to look beautiful. These are the days when your hair just does not want to do what it is meant to, as well as the days when you are very busy. Therefore, finding an ample time for hair shampooing as well as blow-drying seems impossible.

Many girls are left desperate as they do not have any helpful tips to deal with a bad hair day or simply a lazy day.

This article discusses several inspirational tactics that help you style your hair perfectly within a short period. Whether a short or long dress and whether going shopping, school, having a family or friends day-out; the styles will fit. Truly, you will pull an elegant look and let you have more time on other chores.

Simple Updo style

It is an everyday updo style, which requires you to have a number of hair clips and just a few minutes. The style works perfectly on fine, medium to long hair that has not been cleaned in some 2-3 days. This is so because the oils in the hair will help give this method more texture. In the end, you will look cute!

Messily collect the top section of your hair and clip it using a little clip and gather the remaining hair to form a burn at the back of the head. Take a headband and push it over the updo and take off the little clip, then, adjust your hair and let it free flow. Gather hair randomly and pin it against your head using bobby pins. Take a second headband and put it over the first one. In case there is loose hair, then you can use bobby pins to tighten. Comb the front hair and spray your hair to smell good.

It is a style that is ideal for the mornings when you wake up late; probably you snoozed your alarm severally and ended up waking late. You are required to have two hair clips, some bobby pins, two expandable hair bands, and hairbrush.

Flower braid


You are supposed to gather part of your hair from the right and the left side of the head. The sections should be put into a tiny pony in your back, and then braid this pony down to the hair tips.

You may heave at parts of your braid to help make it loose so that it can appear more voluminous. The flower-shaped finish that you will realize is created by the overstated edges.

Lastly, you should spin your braid around to form a bun, then, pin it safely against the head. It requires your hair to be long for you to pull such an outstanding look. This style goes well with casual attire. This style works well with long dresses.

Short hair solution

Suitable for short hair and therefore, using headbands is a must. It involves creating a false impression of the updo style by using a pretty stretch headband.

If you are going for a night out during summer, you can use your favorite headscarf. Ideal if you aspire to take a notch higher with a wonderful accessory or just for fun. There are only two items required; a headband and hairbrush.

Elegant pony


It is a perfect style for medium to long hair. First, separate the hair into 2 parts; one section in the front while the other in the back. Safely secure the back section into a ponytail.

Second, the right half of your front section should be pulled crosswise to the back of the head above your hair, then, fasten and pin it on ponytail’s top to ensure that the elastic is well-covered.

Third, the second half of the hair front section is heaved crosswise to the back while draping this part above the ponytail, then, pin it safely to your head.

Easy Blow Braids

This is a very simple style as you are required to just braid the hair in 2 distinct ways. It is estimated that it takes about 4 minutes to complete it and have your attractive look.

Using a hairbrush; brush your hair starting from the front to the back of the head. Divide the hair into three sections from the neck and start braiding and tie it almost at its end using a hair tie. You can have the braid fall your back or allow it fall on your chest. A hair tie, nimble fingers, and hairbrush are needed.

The classic

It is known to be a classier approach to have a ponytail on your busy or bad hair day. Brush your hair to the center from every side of your head, hold the hair and tie it. You can leave the rest of the hair to fall on your shoulder and if long enough to your back or spin into a bun.

You can wear this style for a family outing and you need to have a hairbrush, hair tie, and comb to help taunt the crown.  You can choose to use a hair straightener or not.

Fast Updo for a rainy day

Most girls agree that spending about a half an hour styling your hair for it to just fall flat because of wind gust or rainstorm is a very bad experience while you start your day. However, updo for rainy days is a good solution that ensures that you look pretty regardless of the weather.

Another good feature of this style is that it can work well on long, medium or short hair. Actually, it is best for windy and rainy days. Bobby pins, hair ties, and hairbrush are the requirements. Also, hairspray can be used.

Spray your hair. Grab small sections of the hair, twist, and pin them at the back using bobby pins. Do this all around your head and at the center of the head gather the hair to form a burn. You can tie the hair using a hair tie before forming the burn. The smaller the hair sections, the better for you.

Side-braided pony


Start it by French-braiding part of your hair on each side of the head. Start braiding from your hairline to the end of the hair and safely secure using a hair tie. Pull together all the hair as well as the braid to realize a ponytail. Secure the ponytail using a plain hair tie and then wrap some hair around the hair tie to cover it. You should pin your hair in the right place for a perfect look.

This style goes extremely well with every dress. Be it a corset dress, a corset top or gym outfits. Go for this style if you’re looking for a comfortable gym session.

Twisted and tousled waves

You are needed to twist parts of your damp hair; you can make the parts as small or large as you wish. Small twists will give you tight waves while the large twists result to loose waves. After deciding on the twists, dry the hair using a blow-dryer.

You are advised to concentrate the blow-dryer heat downward; this helps prevent ruffling of the hair cuticle that can cause frizz. After drying the hair, use your fingers to split the tendrils to achieve messy and beachy waves. Absolute beauty!

Doubled-knotted pony


Sweep your hair starting from the front of the head to the back. Just above your shoulder, separate the hair into 2 parts and fasten them together loosely.

Fasten again the 2 parts of your hair in a knot. Using a hair tie, tie your hair just below the knot to realize a pony. Wrap some hair around your hair tie so that the hair tie cannot be seen.


Say goodbye to bad hair days and look stunning with our super, but easy styles. These amazing styles are for any girl who is looking forward to looking beautiful regardless of the day or weather. Importantly, you can rock them to the church, shopping, family out, weddings or birthday parties.

Another great feature is that they go well with all your dresses. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the type of your dress; flowery or plain, or the length; short or long dress.

Having long or short hair is not an issue anymore. There are plenty of styles that fit your short hair while others for long and medium hair.

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