Easter is always a fun holiday- candy, bunnies, eggs! Why not have a party?

Decorations- Start with fun cut outs- eggs, bunnies, butterflies- it’s Spring! Color these pastel colors and put them on walls. Also, hang colorful streamers and balloons, along with a small or large banner saying “Welcome!” or “Hoppy Easter!” Also, you can hang butterflies or eggs from the ceiling with fishing wire, and maybe add stuffed animal bunnies or chicks around the party room.

Food- Of course, have boiled eggs! When making brownies, add Easter M&Ms, and have a trail mix with the candy, too. Make different sandwiches- PB&J, ham, turkey, and cut them into eggs, bunnies, butterflies… You could also cut out place-holders with your guests’ names on them, and purchase Easter cups, plates, pastel silverware, and a table cover.

Games- Of course, the annual Easter egg hunt needs to be an activity! For a fun twist, in some eggs, hide clues with some candy to find a big prize. “It’s not in the bathroom, not in my bedroom…” Whoever follows the clues and finds it first, gets it! You could do pin-the-ears-on-the-bunny, egg drop, you could dye eggs for a take home gift, and so on…

Favors- Let your guests take home any colored eggs, candy they found, and add a chocolate bunny! Or, whatever Easter candy or toys of your choice.

Have fun!