Do you have real friends or fake ones?

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True Friends

  • Are loyal –  True friends stick closer than family. You’ll find that they are the very first to help you and are always there for you. They listen to when you are upset and happy and are always willing to give anything. They stick up for you but don’t make the situation worse.

Fake Friends

  • Try to change you– they don’t like who you are and try change you to be more like them using peer pressure.

  • Accept who you are – true friends don’t try to change who you are…..they are happy for who you are….that’s why they like you in the first place.

  • Make you do things you don’t like and get you uncomfortable – Make you feel a bit nervous about being judged.

  • Stop you from making mistakes and help you when you’ve made one–  true friends slow you down from rushing and making mistakes and if you do make them they try help you sort things out and reassure you.

  • Ditch you for better people– when popular people arrive they completely forget you and sometimes even downright ignoring you.

  • Are completely honest– They don’t take second thoughts to tell you where you’ve went wrong or what you are doing wrong and always tell you honestly what they think. This may sometimes sting but they are helping you!

  • Don’t listen to you– they ignore your opinion and disagree with everything you say.

  • Feel for you– when you’re upset they are upset….those types are the best of friends you could have.

  • Leave you upset– they see you upset but they either tell you to get up or they ignore you.


even true friends argue. Just because you disagree doesn't mean you aren't true friends. In fact I would be getting very uncomfortable if we didn't argue.

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