Dealing with Drama

Tips on How to Deal with Drama Drama, drama everywhere! Ayy! So I, being a girl in an all-girls school, have my fair dose of exposure to drama of all kinds. Notice that I said exposure. At the moment, I’m not involved in any drama (kudos for me trying to keep it that way 🙂 #blessed) because, ain’t nobody got time for that! Many of us have more important things on our minds, like our work, grades, activities, family etc.. we really don’t have time to fill our minds with useless information…can I get an amen ? Staying out of drama can be difficult at times but, like they say, ‘some people just like to watch the world burn’. Just stand and watch from a distance, and you won’t get burned. So here’s four of my favorite tips about what you can do about drama around you derived from my own personal experience. Walk away: just leaving the issue is usually the best option in most cases, its the best because once you leave, no one can blame you for anything because you were never there. Stay out of it: okay, this is best if you’re already involved in drama of any kind. just stop talking/fighting with the other people involved. Don’t talk about it to other people: gossiping about drama is dangerous. like a small fire in a forest, it will spread fast, jumping from person to person, until it is unstoppable. If someone asks ‘ Hey, whats up with ___?’, just smile and politely say ‘it’s not really any of my business..’ or ‘ i’d rather not talk about it, sorry!’ … Continue reading Dealing with Drama