All it takes is a T-Shirt and a pair of scissors!



You will need:

  • an old t-shirt 
  • scissors

*Tip – though you can do this with any t-shirt, the thicker the t-shirt fabric, the stronger the bag will be.

1. Start by cutting the sleeves off of the shirt.

2. Cut out the neck of the shirt. Instead of cutting the neck exactly around the stitching, you can cut a little bit lower down into the shirt so that the opening of your tote bag is large enough to get stuff inside. TIP -You can use a big bowl as a template

3, The last step is to cut a fringe and tie up the bottom! First, decide how long you want the bag to be. Remember, as you use it the fabric will stretch out a bit, so it might be too long if you use the full length of the t-shirt.

4. Cut hem off of the t-shirt, TIP- you can use a big book as a template for the bag size just place the big  under the cut for the neck and the use the bottom of the book to see how long the fringe will be then Cut the fringe up about 3 inches. The longer you cut the fringe, the shorter the bag.

*Tip – if you don’t want a fringe to be seen on your finished bag turn the t-shirt inside out as you do this stage SO inside out t-shirt = no fringe, outside in t-shirt = fringe

5. Make sure your fringes are about 3/4″ wide and that you’re cutting through both the top and bottom layers of the t-shirt as you go.

6. Then start tying your fringes together. As you tie them together the fringes will help close up the bottom of the bag, but there will be holes between each set of tied fringes. To fix this, just lay out your tied fringes and starting from one side of the t-shirt to the other then tie the “top” fringe from one pair to the “bottom” fringe from the pair next to it. This will close up those gaps between the pairs of fringes.

7. Keep tying pairs of fringes together.  Once all your fringes are tied and all your gaps are closed, you’re done!!

Have you ever made a reusable t-shirt bag? Let us know in the comments below!