Copper Tips

Copper Tips


My name is Sakarie, I am 14 years old. My Mom says I’m unique, but I feel like an outcast. When I was younger, I had golden-copper-ish fingernails. Then my fingers turned that color. I always wondered why they were that way… A lot of times I look at myself and ask my mom, “Why do I look like this?” She always says, “Oh Karie, you’re beautiful, you look fine baby.”

I always hated school. Whenever I touched someone or something, it would get a touch of static. Once I tried giving one of my classmates a hug but she got electrified. It was so embarrassing!! Flammable things would get more static, like my homework would get burnt. My teacher would get so mad and she would make me sit in the corner or give me detention. But I would always ace my homework and I am always ahead of my class. It’s like every school I go to, my classmates get jealous of me. I get a lot of mean names like “Stupid know it all”, “Egg Head”, “Ferger” and a lot of other nicknames and stuff. But I don’t care.

One day, I look in the mirror and my hair went from hazel hair with blue (natural) highlights to… ALL BLUE WITH YELLOW AND COPPER-ISH ENDS!!! “It’s scary. Really, what’s happening?” I scream to Mom. She responds…

Hey! You! That’s enough for now… Stay tuned!

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