Coolest Nail Designs for Any and Every Occasion!

Most people want the coolest nail designs, sometimes unique ones, that will make a big impression for parties or at the beach…anywhere, really! To go with a new fashionable outfit, to show off to mates or even for a girly sleepover, these nail designs are perfect for any occasion! All you need are some nail varnishes, and toothpicks/bobby pins (if you don’t have the basic nail art tools).

  • Watermelon: A pretty Watermelon design is perfect for summer! First, make sure your nails are clean without any other nail varnish. Paint a base coat of light pink or red, and leave to dry. Next, paint a green tip with a thin brush or a toothpick. Once that has dried, use a toothpick with black nail polish to make some little seeds. Then you are done!!! Beautiful, and great for Summer!

    WATERMELON-nail-design, miss o and friends

  • Panda: A pretty and adorable design, what could be cuter than little baby pandas on your nails? First, apply a large circle of white nail polish on the top of your nails. Once this has dried, use a toothpick or thin brush to paint two little black nail polish ears on top of the white circle facing away from you. Add eyes and a nose with the black polish on the toothpick, and a circle of white on top of the eyes. Simply dot a single black spot on the white bit on the eyes, and you are done! Cute, right? And so easy!

  • Facebook Nails: How awesome! Simply paint your nails a solid dark blue and let it dry. Use a toothpick, bobby pin, or thin brush paint lighter blue tips. Paint the Facebook logo (a white F) on your nails, not all of them if you don’t want to! Just do it randomly for a cool effect. And finally…

    facebook-nail-art, miss o and friends

  • Leopard: Leopard is probably the easiest. Simply paint your nails yellow (or pink for a cooler design) Once it dries, use a toothpick to do random black spots, and write C and U shapes randomly on top. And your done! So go on! They’re soooooooooo easy and soo pretty! Everyone will envy you, soon you’ll have hundreds of people asking you how to do it!