Confidence, is to believe in yourself, is a sense of pride
But it is not to believe in yourself for everything, it is a felling that you get after you accomplished your goals, after you did well on something, is the power to say:” I can do it, and I can do it well.”

Being confident isn’t easy, it means that you have to be good at something, and be proud of it.
So, step one is find something to work on, like art, like sports, like dance.
Then, you will became confident once your skill of the thing that you work on improves!
This is the basic concept , but most of the times, you just don’t know how good you are at something. How can you know? get someone to tell you! a friend, a family member…. or even your self!
by writing what you like to do and do very often, you might find the thing that you can be proud of!
sometimes, you might be proud of being yourself!

being confident certainly affects your life a lot.
you know that you are capable of doing something, which gives you courage to try something new!