How do I change my user name on Miss O and the Girl2Girl Wall app?



I do not know how to change my username. I want to change it  and I’ve said this on a convo many times and the Miss O staff say that I need to go to settings and do it. I don’t know where settings are on girl2girl app or the website. Please help!







@CuteKawaiiPanda103 Thanks for asking this question! If you want to change your user name on Miss O and friends and/or the Girl2Girl Wall, the best place to do it is on the website! The app is connected to the site so it will change it automatically there!

Copy and Paste the link below into your browser BUT FIRST take out the xxxx and put in your current screen name. Once you do that, then click it and it will take you to Settings on the site where you can change your user or screen name!

See below! Hope this helps!