The Ultimate Packing List

It can be confusing and complicated trying to work out what you need to bring, but take it from a frequent-flyer, here’s the ultimate list of what to pack, or at least consider packing, before you take off on your big adventure.

Take me Away

Take me Away I really love traveling. Sometimes I wish I can escape to a place for a vacation but school does not allow me to do so because I can not miss out on my studies.  I love feeling like an explorer–discovering places, new languages and cultures, and new challenges. When I travel, I just live in the moment and feel more connected to myself. Saying ‘yes’ to nearly everything is part of the fun. When I grow up I want to be an air hostess because they can travel everywhere for free and enjoy and roam around in the whole world which is so exciting. I know everyone likes to go to different states and countries for vacations. What is your dream place? Also, the worst part about traveling is packing and unpacking bags! I love shopping though and buying new stuff for myself like books and shirts and pjs also. And I also like doing adventurous things and just in case you think I am very boring, I'll tell you that I have done parasailing, zip-lining, jet skiing and a lot more. I just wish to do scuba diving and well lots of other adventurous activities.  Thanks for reading.

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How To Travel With Style

How To Travel In Style So I just saw a poll posted on the website about travel and I decided to talk about it! Who doesn't love travelling. and who doesn't love travelling IN STYLE! So I have a few tips for everyone to travel light but in style. Get cool sneakers! Make sure they are plain and have a neutral color. (and then of course, comfort and STYLE are a must). Get Inexpensive and non precious jewelry! Please don't get accessories that you really love because I at least generally end up losing a few while I am on the go. Fanny packs are in again, just don't try to hide them, be bold with them and make them stand out.

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Travel: I love London

I love to visit London! It's such a beautiful and clean city. Never a dull moment here. I think they have the best shopping anywhere  Take a stroll down Oxford Street on a Saturday. Watch out! The streets are so crowded with other shoppers. So much energy, so much fun. Although it's quite expensive for us Americans. The dollar is worth a little more now over there! It's a good time to go shopping!!  

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Fun Things to Do on a Road Trip

Having Fun on a Road Trip Since me and my family travel a lot, I have learned what to expect. 1.  Bring a Pillow! No matter how long this trip is, you will always want a pillow! Bring 1-3 pillows and 1-2 blankets. If you are sitting in the back seat, you can always put on pillow under you and then put a blanket on top of the pillow under you. That will keep your butt from hurting. Then you can put a pillow in between you and the door. This will make it a comfy trip. 2. Watch Movies If your car has a.T.V. in it bring 1-6 movies that you love! Or you can stop at a Redbox and rent a movie. Redbox is great cause you can drop the video off at any Redbox. Be sure to bring your iPod or MP3 player. And really good ear phones. This will be nice for half of the wag if you have noisy siblings. 3. Bring a Book If you get car sick, don't think you will be able to read. If you get car sick, reading can make it worse. But do bring a really good, thick book just in case. 4. Sleep! Try to sleep during your car trip. Sleeping takes up most of the wait time to get to your destination. 5. Coloring Bring a note book! And crayons! You can write about your journey or just Color. 6. PJs for a Night Trip If your going to be in the car until its dark outside, bring a pair of

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