The Ultimate Packing List

It can be confusing and complicated trying to work out what you need to bring, but take it from a frequent-flyer, here’s the ultimate list of what to pack, or at least consider packing, before you take off on your big adventure.

Take me Away

Take me Away I really love traveling. Sometimes I wish I can escape to a place for a vacation but school does not allow me to do so because I can not miss out on my studies.  I love feeling like an explorer–discovering places, new languages and cultures, and new challenges. When I travel, I just live in the moment and feel more connected to myself. Saying ‘yes’ to nearly everything is part of the fun. When I grow up I want to be an air hostess because they can travel everywhere for free and enjoy and roam around in the whole world which is so exciting. I know everyone likes to go to different states and countries for vacations. What is your dream place? Also, the worst part about traveling is packing and unpacking bags! I love shopping though and buying new stuff for myself like books and shirts and pjs also. And I also like doing adventurous things and just in case you think I am very boring, I'll tell you that I have done parasailing, zip-lining, jet skiing and a lot more. I just wish to do scuba diving and well lots of other adventurous activities.  Thanks for reading.

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How To Travel With Style

How To Travel In Style So I just saw a poll posted on the website about travel and I decided to talk about it! Who doesn't love travelling. and who doesn't love travelling IN STYLE! So I have a few tips for everyone to travel light but in style. Get cool sneakers! Make sure they are plain and have a neutral color. (and then of course, comfort and STYLE are a must). Get Inexpensive and non precious jewelry! Please don't get accessories that you really love because I at least generally end up losing a few while I am on the go. Fanny packs are in again, just don't try to hide them, be bold with them and make them stand out.

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Travel: I love London

I love to visit London! It's such a beautiful and clean city. Never a dull moment here. I think they have the best shopping anywhere  Take a stroll down Oxford Street on a Saturday. Watch out! The streets are so crowded with other shoppers. So much energy, so much fun. Although it's quite expensive for us Americans. The dollar is worth a little more now over there! It's a good time to go shopping!!  

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