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The Forgotten Sister

One morning my mom came back with a mirror. She said it was old and asked not to touch it. She left it in the living room.However I touched it. It was so wrong of me to do that because the minute I put my finger on the glass it opened up to a door.

Be Creative!

Be Creative! A while ago I created my own "world" (Definition: in one's own world. Also, in one's own little world; in a world of one's own. In deep thought or concentration). I thought of the real world to be so serious... So i got to work. I express my creativity through comics and drawings. So I soon thought of characters for my world. Bt, the most creative superhero that saves everyone for the cruel "realness" of this world. Cordz is Bt's robot. Bt created Cordz to help her fight off cruelness. Cordz tells Bt that she is the greatest girl and she should just be herself! She is the one who creates different things because she is super smart and no one gets in the path of her dreams. Xbots are the negative thoughts that come to your mind when you think. They interrupt your thoughts and make you pull back. EvilR is the King of all. He was a serious and a non-creative person. And at the end of the day, he was turned creative! Oh! I almost forgot one of my characters! Mahzooza aka. M or Zuzu, she is my best friend. Let me know in the comments if you wanna know her!! That's my world, what's yours? I want to know! Be creative girl!

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