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My First Ever Post!

My First Ever Post! Dear every member on this website, I just want to say how happy I am that somebody finally had the idea to make an incredible website like this. I think it's nice to know that you can get advice from girls that have walked in your shoes. I struggled with friends trying to control me and I felt like I didn't have a voice at all, but I found a way to cheer myself up. I really love drawing fashion and writing has always helped clear out my mind. I love my hobbies and all, but I think this website is answer to a lot of things I might be going through. All I want to say is that I am grateful for all of this and thank you for making a difference and helping us girls!

Spotlight: Girls Get Hyperlinked!

This summer, we are teaming up with Spotlight: Girls to inspire girls to create their own media Spotlight: Girls' mission is to educate, inspire, and activate girls to take center stage in their own lives and in their communities. Go Girls! is not just a summer camp.  It’s a movement.  At Go Girls!, rising first to sixth grade girls make plays, art, music, and media that we believe will change the world. Throughout their camp this summer, girls will be creating media inspired by our new YouTube Red Original series, Hyperlinked! You'll get to see all the videos these awesome Go Girls! create here on Miss O & Friends! We know not everyone can make it to the awesome Go Girls! camp (**if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, check out their camp programs - there might be a few spots left!) BUT we hope you are inspired by Hyperlinked and encourage you create your own content too. You can submit it here on the Miss O site or post it on social media using the hashtag #GetHyperlinked. We can't wait to see what incredible things you girls create! GO GIRLS!  Hyperlinked premieres May 31! The series will be available through Disney’s YouTube channel as part of the Disney Digital Network. All viewers will be able to watch one episode for free while the remaining episodes will be available exclusively for YouTube Red subscribers.  Check out the official trailer here! 

How a Teenager Turned Doodles into a Successful Business

At age 16, Juliette Brindak started a popular tween website called Miss O and Friends. Then she learned the hard way that there are ups and downs not just to growing up but also to growing a business. While traveling home from a family vacation, Juliette Brindak, age 10 at the time, entertained herself by drawing pictures of her 5-year-old sister Olivia and her friends, whom she referred to as “the cool girls.” Those drawings would become the inspiration for Miss O and Friends, a website that Brindak launched in 2005, and where, today, some 1 million girls go each month to find a sense of community on its thriving message boards. On Miss O and Friends, girls “socialize, play, create, exchange ideas and compare experiences,” through games, articles and more, says Brindak. The site also offers programs that let girls enter fashion design contests and gain internship opportunities. “Our main goal is to provide a safe place online to empower girls, so they can realize that they aren’t alone, and that they don’t have to grow up too fast,” she says. That formula made for a flourishing website during its first few years — until 2014 when a major site renovation brought major trouble. Amid a mismanaged transition, Miss O and Friends’ traffic plummeted from a peak of 3 million monthly visitors to one-third that number. “It was definitely frustrating, but I was confident those views would go back up,” Brindak says. Shooting for the Stars Brindak, who is now 28 and a recent newlywed, remembers all too well how it felt to


After almost 3 years of hard work, the Miss O and Friends team is excited to announce it will be a part of the new Original Family Content slate from YouTube Red! Yup- that's right! After years of you girls asking, and our non-stop pushing, there will finally be a TV series based on Miss O and Friends! ??? Launching this spring on YouTube Red and on the YouTube Kids App, Hyperlinked, is our new series inspired by the true story of how Miss O and Friends came to be. Staring our favorite girl group and music sensation, L2M, the series follows these five friends as they use their savvy computer skills and their coding knowledge to build Miss O and Friends, a website that’s totally by girls for girls. They also navigate the crazy and fun world of tween-life including the usual issues like friends, parents, school, social issues and boys. Hyperlinked is a part of a new YouTube Red Original Family Content slate. More about those other shows in our next announcement. The first awesome episode of the series will be free for everyone… but the remaining 9 (yup- there are 10 episodes in Season 1), will be only available to YouTubeRed subscribers. So you will need your parents permission to subscribe  — However YouTubeRed offers a 1-month free trial when you sign up. So you have nothing to lose. If you love Hyperlinked as well as the other AWESOME shows YouTubeRed is producing  the monthly subscription is only $9.99/mo.  So be on the look out for us and check us out. We know

My Life

  Hay my name is Makayla and i love this web site it is pretty cool! i have brothers and sister i am 13 years old and i am in the 6th grade yah it pretty weird that I'm 13 in the 6th grade but I'm not the only one like that. i love my family and it will great if i can get some friends on here and i also i am new to this web site i found it out on tv i hope u like it give a big thumbs up thank you for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

How to earn points on Miss O

We have been getting some questions by our members asking us "How do I earn points on Miss O and Friends". There are lots of ways to earn points on Miss O and Friends. Remember, the more you do on the site, the more you earn!  And they really start to pile up, let me tell you!   CLICK BELOW TO FIND OUT!

Meet our Miss O Intern from India: Darshita

Hi! My name is Darshita and I am an 10 year old girl from India. I am proud to say that I am an Indian. I am also a Cyber Olympiad's Zonal winner. I have dreamed to be an author, a choreographer and an actor. I am currently fighting for the obesity and dark skinned people. More than 78% of people refuse making friends with obese people and 41% refuse making friends with dark skinned people. I love making friends. I think I can help on this site because I very knowledgeable about the internet. I know I am young but I think I am perfectly eligible for this title. I will be representing INDIA, now as titled MISS O INTERN! My screen name is @darshitagowda. I would love to be your friend!

Happy International Womens Day

Happy International Womens Day to this group of incredible women! Miss O and Friends has a new YouTube Red Series coming out this Spring, called Hyperlinked, which was created by a mother-daughter duo, Hermine Brindak and Juliette Brindak Blake, written by two women, Rachel Specter and Audrey Wauchope, directed by two women, Amy French and Kimmy Gatewood, produced by Amy Laslett along with more females than we can count! Supported by amazing advisors like BlackGirlsCode, Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media & Rosalind Wiseman's Cultures of Dignity,  and stars the incredible girls from L2M! AND... the show is all about girl power, girl friendships and girls who use STEM to code a website to help other girls because girls and women should be celebrated EVERYDAY!!#HyperlinkedSeries