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Boredom Busters: How to Survive This Summer

15 Boredom Busters For Your Fun Summer! Everyone has had times when they're bored. Well, here's a list of boredom busters: 1. Make a goal, and do a little every day. Try and complete it by the end of summer. 2. Read an entire book in a set time. Write a review for it. 3. Exercise (swim, yoga, walk, run, bike) 4. Do a book or movie marathon in three days time. 5. Write a book. Edit, and maybe publish. 6. Text or call a friend or family member. 7. Start a collection.(rocks, books, dolls, keychains) 8. Bake a cake or cookies. It takes time, and you get sweets. 9. Blog. (I use Weebly, but there's also Webstarters and Wix.) 10. Give or get advice on here or another website. 11. Learn something new. This could mean a hobby or just a few facts. 12. Find a way to get money. (A few ways are babysitting, yard or garage sale, and bake sale) I'll be writing a post on more ways to get money soon. 13. Have a party with your friends. Eat chips and junk food while watching movies or playing boardgames. 14. Do karaoke. No not at a bar, just for your parents, or in your own room. 15. Watch the clouds, then the stars. Try counting them, if you're really bored. If you liked this post, comment below. Thanks, and bye for now.

New Year, New You

New Year, New You IT'S 2018 time to make new year resolutions. Here are my top 5 new year resolutions. be generous try hard be happy be a good friend relax Comment your new year resolutions below.

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