Friends Who Accept You

You don't just call your friend YOUR FRIEND for no reason,you call them your friend because they accept you for who you are. You can tell if your friend is your real friend by testing them out and getting the truth out of them. Ask them if you dident look look the way you did, would they still hang out with you. If they say no then they are not your real friend. Your friend is supposed to hang out with you no matter how you look. If they say yes, you can know then and there that they are your true friend. No matter how you look your friends are supposed to accept you for who you are.

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The Last Thing!

So as I survived the first month of my new school, I was so happy and popular. I got into the U-13 basketball team and every other day a boy asked me out.

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How To Feel Good

How To Feel Good You must feel good to do good! But the question is HOW? Here are a few ways you can try! How to feel good : Think about every thing happy.Don't avoid bad thoughts, but don't allow them to linger. When you have a bad thought counteract it with a good thought. give your parents a hug. It will relieve you of stress. Learn gratitude and pay attention to the small things. Find gratitude in the warmth of your bed, in something nice someone said to you, in your favorite snack. Breath 5 times or more and relax. learn to meditate, exercising is also a good option! Surround yourself with people who love you and avoid people who make you feel negative.

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