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Fashion Choices For Winter and Winter Safety

Fabulous Winter Fashion I know its a bit late to do a post like this, because winter recently started!!  How unlucky of me!!  Anyways, here are my fashion choices for winter. TO KEEP YOU WARM: Jackets Leg boots Gloves/mittens Jackets Scarves High socks My choice: Jackets, scarves, and high socks. WHEN TO GO OUTSIDE SAFE AND SOUND IN YOUR NEW OUTFIT FOR WINTER: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE go outside in wintertime when it is 34 or higher degrees Farenheight!! I once was outside in Florida at the tempature of 29 degrees one winter!!  Thankfully, we did not have to wear heavy jackets!!   APPROX. SNOW LENGTH: One foot to two feet. WHEN NOT TO GO OUTSIDE IN WINTER: High snow height Blizzard Ice storm Tornado in snow, commonly called a snowando Windy snow day WHY WILL SCHOOL CLOSE ON WINTER DAYS? School may close on winter days due to the amount of snow.  If this is for very long, school is longer to make up work. WHERE WILL IT SNOW: Northern or Middle East states. CAN YOU GET SICK DURING A WINTER DAY? It is possible, but maybe or maybe not. WHAT IS A BLIZZARD? A blizzard is a snowstorm with heavy snow, and high winds.  Blizzards may cause the power to go out. CAN SNOW FORM IN STATES LIKE FLORIDA? Very rarely.  If it does happen, it is very short. MORE FASHION IDEAS: Sweaters Leggins Heavy jackets for cold temperatures We have also seen snow in classrooms like in the book Frindle by Andrew Clements. This can be to prank.  This normally occurs in

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