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A Cheap, Yet Funky, Party Lantern

DIY Lantern From Recycled Materials Hey Miss O followers! It is Starblaze here and I wanted to teach you guys how to make something, fun, cheap, creative and made from recycled materials! It's also useful for outdoor parties during the night! What you're gonna need: -An old broom stick (unless you are using it to fly...) -A tuna/soup can (thoroughly washed out, of course!) -A glass lampshade -A candle -A screw -A screw driver -A sharp knife -Paint (optional) Method: -Take the broomstick and sharpen the edge with the knife so you can stick it in the ground. -Now screw the tuna/soup can into the broomstick with the screw and screw driver. -take the candle and place it comfortably in the tuna/soup can. -Light the candle and place the lampshade over it. I recommend you knock it into the ground before lighting it and you can also paint the can and/or broomstick. And there you have it! A cheap lampshade that doesn't pollute the air as much as parrafin or gas would in a regular lantern. Be creative! xxx Starz. P.S. It's my birthday soon! ;)

By |February 6th, 2019|How To's|