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Girl of the Moment: val-10

 “I was so excited and proud of myself for working as hard as I could.” Valerie is an 11-year-old girl who loves spelling. You might know her as Miss O’er @val-10  She loves listening to pop music, and says her future will involve traveling the world to help keep animals off the streets.    But when she’s not planning her life as a veterinarian she’s pursuing her other passion: spelling. Last year she competed she competed in the national spelling bee contest against 30 other talented kids – and came in first place! “I decided to compete in the spelling bee because I´m really good at spelling and I really like to do it,” she said.  Valerie started spelling when she was in the first grade and from there she, “just loved it.”  Of course, this wasn’t an easy ask. She studied every day after school and every time she spelled something wrong she practiced over and over again until she finally got it.  “I felt really proud of myself for working so hard,” she said. “I also felt thankful for all the ones that helped me achieve my dream. And I know I will never forget this experience!”

Girl of the Moment: pandasrock1

This Girl of the Moment made a difference in people's lives by chopping off her hair. Anna, or @pandasrock1 lives with her brother and sister, an “adorable Labrador” and a “super cute kitten.” Her hobbies include soccer, ice skating and listening to everything Ed Sheeran.  In school she loves visual arts (it’s her favourite subject and she always does well in it) and most importantly she took part in the “World’s Greatest Shave”.  The Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave began back in 1998 is now one of Australia’s biggest fundraising events.  "I chose the Leukemia foundation because I can't even bare to imagine what it would be like for people suffering from Leukemia and I really wanted to make a difference in their lives," she said.  Not only did she chop off her locks in support of the organization, she also managed to raise a grand total of $1,260. "It was very scary but I love my hair being short and I raised heaps of money for the Leukaemia foundation." Anna explained that she raised money by asking friends and family for sponsorships, posting on social media and having a fundraiser through her school. "I felt like it was a really big achievement and i would definitely do it again in the future." What do you think of Anna's big achievement? Have you ever chopped off your hair in support of cancer? Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to enter the Girl of the Moment Contest HERE.

Girl of the Moment Winner: hwhatley102

“With my family’s help, I’m making it!” When 13-year-old Hannah (or as she known on Miss O & Friends @hwhatley102) submitted her Girl of the Moment entry she opened with the line, “I don’t really have anything special about me to share.” She added, “I’m not that interesting but I thought it would be great to share my story.” hwhatley102  She continued to explain that her mum died when she was very young and she doesn’t see her dad often (even though she loves him to death.) Currently she lives with her grandmother and aunt who love her to pieces. She gets good grades, loves R&B and is new to Miss O and Friends.  And despite her saying that she wasn’t very interesting she had some pretty incredible accomplishments. “I won first place in my spelling bee in 5th and 1st D.A.R.E essay the same year,” she said.  “I won the spelling bee by studying frequently and my D.A.R.E essay was about when people make me upset I ignore them and look for the positive!”  And Hannah’s positive attitude is one of the reasons she’s featured as our newest Girl of the Moment. She says she owes much of her optimism from her family. “They believe in me and never doubt me and I would be lying if I said that doesn't help.” She added, “believe me staying positive all this time is NOT easy but if you look and find the positive in everything it helps and if you are easily annoyed at things then ignore and let the hate motivate!” What

Girl of the Moment Winner: gmwbmw22

“I dream big and love life!” Eighteen-year-old Maddie, AKA @gmwbmw22, describes herself as a, “major science enthusiast” and a, “star student!” Maddie found her love and passion for science through school. “I have a really awesome science teacher, Beth, who supports my mad scientist tendencies,” she said. “I love all the cool experiments and numbers.” However, Maddie said that she wasn’t always the star student she is today. She said that when she was younger she had trouble in school. She said, “I used to be VERY imbecilic and unsafe. I talked to adults I trusted and they helped me through it all.”  In the future, she hopes to become a scientist, discover the secrets of time travel and create the world’s first money tree. She plans to accomplish her dream by, “By planting seeds in the ground WITH money and watching them bloom.”  When she manages to make plants sprout bills and coins she said she’d give some to charity, but also build a science lab in her bedroom.  Science isn’t the only passion this Miss O member has. She also has a love for art and drawing. Drawing of Lisa Loud done by gmwbmw22  “My idol is a girl in the Loud House, my favorite cartoon, Lisa Loud, who's also a scientist much like me! When I grow up I'd like to be a cartoonist for a Loud House or Fairly Odd Parents spin-off,” she said. Maddie described science and art as her two passions and she dreams of putting the two together in the future.  Do you have a

Pandaunicorn3: Future Gold Medalist

Girl of the Moment Winner: @pandaunicorn3 @pandaunicorn3 is a Miss O & Friends member who loves art, ukulele and all things Instagram. But when she’s not writing songs, creating works of art or picking the best filter for her latest pic, she’s spending ample time at the arena.  “I am a figure skater. I have been doing this for 6 years, and it is my favorite thing to do,” Pandaunicorn3 (also known as Shaleen) said.   In winter she free skates, meaning that she practices tricks with a group of other girls at her level. Throughout the class her coach teaches her new tricks and they also work on dances, solos and sometimes jumping.  “If I am learning a new jump, my coach puts me in the harness,” she said. “The harness helps you jump higher, and makes it easier to learn jumps.” A jumping harness is a necessity in the skating world. They help with learning double, triple and quad jumps and instills confidence in Skater’s ability to do difficult jumps.  At the end of the year Shaleen also participates in “Fun on Ice”, where you perform a solo against two other people in the same level, "since there are only three people performing, you always get a medal. so far I have gotten three gold medals, and one silver.”  But even wining three gold medals, learning new jumps and competing in solos can have its draw backs. “This past year I almost felt like giving up because if you go into the higher level you have to skate 3 hours a week and

Girl of the Moment – midnight-rainbow

“I would say never to quit and to always follow your dreams.”  At only 11 years old Leila has one dream – to win an Olympic gold medal in gymnastics. Also known on Miss O as @midnight-rainbow, Leila has been involved in gymnastics for the past six years. “My mom enrolled me really early because I was climbing on everything in the house,” she said, “I started walking when I was 8 moths old and started climbing before I was one.” The soon-to-be gold medal winner started off in Toddler Tumbling and worked her way up through (but has never managed to stop climbing over the furniture.)  "My favorite part of gymnastics is that I feel free!” she said, “I also like the feeling that I achieved something when I work on a move over and over, then finally get it perfect!”  But the road to the Olympics isn’t easy, and more than once she’s felt like giving up, “I got past this by trying to remain confident. I talk about things with my mom and try to stay positive. It really helps to get encouragement from other gymnasts because I know other kids have the same feelings.”  Now of course even future Olympians don’t spend all their time at the gym. When she’s not practicing back flips, hand stands and cart wheels she’s also involved in other sports such as figure skating and archery – so it wouldn’t be a surprise if we one day see her competing in both summer and winter events.  On top of her busy sports schedule she’s also

Meet Miss O Intern: Treehugger14

This Girl of the Moment Donated her Hair to Cancer Research - 8 Times! Olivia, or as she’s known on Miss O and Friends “Treehugger14”, has been writing for the blog since she was 14 years old. Now, 4 years later, she posts a few articles a week generally in the Girls Care section of the scoop.    Since she was 10 years old she has grown out her hair and donated the braids to an organization called Angel Hair that “…provides wigs and hair loss solutions to financially disadvantaged children in Canada who have lost their hair due to a medical condition or treatment.”  Because her hair is so thick and curly she is able to donate two braids each time; meaning that even though she's only cut her hair four times she managed to donate 8 braids!  “Sometimes it can be difficult adjusting from having really long hair to all of a sudden having really short hair,” she said, “it’s weird when one morning you spend an hour detangling your curls only to spend less than five minutes the day after you cut it.”  On top of growing out her hair she enjoys reading, spending countless hours at the arena watching her brothers play hockey and finding ways to beat the frigid temperatures of Southern Ontario. She plans to study journalism in Montreal, Quebec come September but in the meantime you can check her out on the blog at @Treehugger14.  Think you've got what it takes to be the next Girl of the Moment Winner? Send us a video here!!