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Girl of the Moment: kyra.miller37

This Girl of the Moment Left an Inspiring Note for her Teacher Meet @kyra.miller37! She’s had her favorite teacher, Ms. Spencer, for the past three years.  “Through ups and downs she is the only teacher that allows me to be weird and be myself in her classroom,” she said. “She allows me to feel comfortable wearing a cool T-shirt and I know her classroom is very open minded and judgement free.”    Kyra said that she noticed her teacher was feeling down so she got up the courage to ask her how’s she’s feeling. Her teacher told her that her dad was in the hospital and wasn’t doing so well so Kyra decided to try and make her feel better.  “Outside her classroom is a small whiteboard,” Kyra said. I wrote my teacher a note that’s says how much I adore her.”  Kyra said she decided to leave her a note because it was hard to see someone she cared about struggling. She also said that earlier in the year she struggled with bullying.   “Ms. Spencer wrote me a letter that said how everything is going to be okay and so I wanted to return the favor,” Kyra said.  Her teacher appreciated the note so much that she even published it in the “Unseen Heroes” section of her school’s yearbook. “I was shocked,” Kyra said. “…and I thought oh my goodness Ms.Spencer and I ran to her classroom and she said ‘thanks for being my little hero’ to this day I wouldn’t want any other teacher.” This isn’t the only time Kyra has left notes

Girl of the Moment: dance

This Girl of the Moment Winner loves to dance Ballet Eliseanne is 10 years old and loves to dance ballet. In fact, she loves it so much that she created the username @dance.  She started dancing when she was five because she just couldn’t sit still so her grandparents bought her lessons for her birthday.  “When we moved I didn't think I had anywhere to dance expect my living room because we didn't have the money,” she said. “But I started to dance in the gym at my local YMCA and they saw me and are now giving me lessons.”  Eliseanne said her first lessons were intimidating because the room was very big, but she has since fallen in love with the activity.  “My favorite style of dance is ballet,” she said. “I love all the pirouettes and it's just so graceful.”  Her favorite part about dancing is how flexible she has become. As you can see in her photo, she’s clearly on her way to performing at the American Ballet Theatre. She said, “When I grow up I want to be a dance instructor and open my own studio.” Are you a dancer like Eliseanne? Think you've got what it takes to be the next Girl of the Moment Winner? Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to send us an entry HERE!      

Girl of the Moment Winner: aashvisanghvi

“I feel that each of us is a jewel.” 11-year-old Aashvi, known on Miss O & Friends as @aashvisanghvi wants people to understand the importance of being themselves. “All of us here are girls, all of us here are humans. Then, what makes us different from each other? Our thoughts and actions,” she said. “Rather than wanting to be like someone else, I always want to be me.”  Aashvi says that by trying to imitate others, we lose our true identity. She says, “don’t just be yourself, be the best version of yourself.”  When she’s not on Miss O & Friends posting about her favorite books she’s expressing herself creatively by writing stories, drawing and through arts and crafts. Aashvi said she likes things that she can do on her own so every time she looks at it she can remember that she is different from others.  “I am learning Hip Hop and Indian Classical,” she said. “What I love about dancing is that it is a stress buster and I feel I can express my feelings by dancing.” Why do you think it's important to be yourself? Think you've got what it takes to be the next "Girl of the Moment"? Send us a submission HERE!

Girl of the Moment Winner: avascores21

“I think that you should live up to be who you truly are.” Ava is the 12-year-old Miss O member known as @avascores21. You’ve probably seen her on the site entering Winitz auctions, playing games, completing quizzes and keeping up with everything happening on the Girl 2 Girl wall. When she’s not giving advice on the G2G wall she’s also playing soccer. She says the reason she loves the sport is because she can compete in tournaments while making new friends, and learning the key essentials of being on a team.  But most importantly – Ava understands the importance of being yourself. “At my school, there was this girl who was very popular, kind, nice, and inclusive,” she said. “One day after school, she told her friend that she found out her true self. She found out that her sexual identity was Lesbian.”  Two other students overheard her and taunted and bullied her in the hall. She ran into the bathroom and cried and Ava rushed after her saying she needs to be herself and thrive. The two eventually became good friends and went to a teacher to end the bullying.  Ava explained that at the time she had many friends but not too many good friends. She had no one who was loyal to her all the time. “Helping someone achieve something can make you really happy,” she said. “I really enjoyed helping someone else because just my small act of kindness impacted someone else's life, in a good way. I also got to make a good friend who I can always count

Girl of the Moment: ruba65

“I think it’s a life time adventure.” You probably know 13-year-old Ruba as @ruba65 where she likes to post in the Give Advice and Girl Talk Sections. When she’s not posting in the Girl 2 Girl wall she likes to help out at the animal shelter.  Her love of animals began when her aunt got a cat. “I am actually scared of cats which make it more lovely as I am afraid but still care about them,” she said. While she may not love cats Ruba explained that she loves dogs. She said she likes to read to the dogs because she knows they’re listening. “I have a lot of interest in dogs and the animal shelter is full of dogs,” she said. “The unique thing is I love feeding and playing with them.”  Ruba also said she’s had some crazy and funny experiences working at the animal shelter.  “The most crazy experience I had with an animal is a rabbit,” she said. “I was feeding a carrot ti him and he actually took my whole hand inside his mouth well it was not the craziest but the funniest. I couldn't believe that he actually fit my whole hand in his tiny little mouth.”  Unfortunately, Ruba doesn't have any pets of her own so she has to visit the animal shelters in order to spend time with animals. She says there aren't many animal shelters where she is from but in the future she would like to become a vet so she can help more animals. Think you've got what it takes to be

Girl of the Moment Winner: DrawWithMalik

 “You are amazing and life is worth living.” @DrawWithMalik or Aliyah is 20 years-old, a self-proclaimed “sweater person” and her favourite lyrics are "If at first you don't succeed, you can dust it off and try again. Dust yourself off and try again” from the song “Try Again” by singer Aaliyah (the same artist she was named after.) Her favourite play is A Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare and one days she’d like to be an art teacher. She is also diagnosed with SchizoAffective disorder. “SchizoAffective disorder is a combination of schizophrenia and a mood disorder. For me it's Depression,” said Aliyah. She explained that sometimes it can be scary and distracting. “It makes school really hard,” she said. “I've also tended to keep it to myself because people treat me differently when they discover my disorder.” Aliyah started having hallucinations her freshman year of high school.  “It scared me,” she said. “I would think they were bad dreams or I had some gift or what not.” When she turned 15 years she started seeing a therapist who suggested that it would be better for her to go to a higher level of care. She was given medication and spent half her day at school and the other half in a hospital program called partial care.  She began taking group therapy session and since then has been in and out of partial care and other hospital programs.  “Sometimes I would feel really sad and that life isn't worth fighting for,” she said. “Those thoughts were too much to bare so I would spend about

Girl of the Moment: talkinboutchloe

“It's encouraged many people to ignite their light and use the gifts God gave them!”  talkinboutchloe loves acting, modeling, Contemporary Christian music and has a kinda-sorta-maybe obsession with Starbucks.  So, what does her love of Christian music and fancy coffee drinks have to do with being a Girl of the Moment? Honestly…not a whole lot.  But Chloe is also responsible for creating a website called, “Ignite Your Light” that she hopes will inspire her readers.  She created her blog to inspire other teens through Christian principles, believing that everyone should feel special and loved and that no one can be defined by what others think of them.  “Teens are always so underestimated but we can change the world and I've already seen it happen,” she said. Readers can expect to find anything a teen or adult might have questions about or struggle with, as well as a sciences and debate section. She said that the site has inspired teens and adults to use their natural talents and given teens more respect within the community. “I'm just ecstatic about how many people I reached with this blog and how much it has impacted the lives of these people,” she said. “It just makes me excited for what's to come in the future with this blog.”  Think you've got what it takes to be the next Girl of the Moment winner? Send us an entry here!

Girl of the Moment Winner: Authorgirl

This Girl of the Moment is writing books to teach young readers the importance of saving the planet! Yasmine Hamdi is known as Miss O member @Authorgirl and also the 17-year-old author of “Spirit of the Wind.” It’s the story of Kyrah and Lynn, 12-year-old cousins vacationing at a seaside camp when they come across unfamiliar animal tracks along the beach. This leads them on an adventure of a lifetime to solve the mystery.  “I decided to write Spirit of the Wind after reading news articles and watching documentaries about animals who were going extinct and whose homes were being destroyed by humans,” said Yasime. “I wanted to raise awareness about these issues while also providing a fun adventure story with strong female characters that my readers could relate to.” Yasmine began by creating characters and then started writing. Her story was inspired by her own experiences traveling and childhood adventures with her own cousin. It was also a love of wildlife and nature that lead her to write her book.  She said, “Wildlife is what makes our world so beautiful, and if we continue to disregard it, there will be nothing left for future generations to cherish. Also, wildlife depends on us and we depend on it.” The manuscript underwent countless changes before making it to the final draft, and two professional editors helped her complete the project. She explained that, “sharing my book and its messages with so many people is very rewarding. “I've gotten reader pictures from all sorts of places around the U.S as well as from people in Australia, New Zealand, Poland and other