And she isn’t even a teenager yet!

Yea, you read that correctly! Brianni Walker may only be twelve but she’s had her fair share of success as a reporter, model, actress, dancer, singer (we barely have time to name off all her accomplishments!) Such a talented tween girl!

 She was only five years-old when she started her acting and modeling career in Hollywood and has since had part’s in Sam & Car, Captain Underpants and Insecure.

Not only is she an actress, she also finds herself interviewing on actors and reporting on the latest celebrities! We had the chance to talk to Brianni about how she juggles acting, reporting and just about everything else!

 Check it out below:


1. Who is your favorite book character and why?

My favorite book character is Callie from the book, “Drama” Written by Raina Telegemeier.  Callie is super cool girl that loves her friends and acting on stage.


2. What are you most famous for?

I’m most famous for playing Jenna/Ashley in Mani on Brat youtube channel, being a Justice model and playing Nikki, a smart mouth little girl on Nickelodeon Sam & Cat with Ariana Grande & Jeanette McCurdy.


3. What weird food combinations do you really enjoy?

My weird food combinations I enjoy is Hot Cheetos & Mac n Cheese.


4. What movie can you watch over and over again without getting tired of it?

The movie I can watch over and over without getting tired of it, is “Daddy’s Little Girl”, by Tyler Perry.


5. What makes your eyes roll every time you hear it?

Hmm, my eyes roll whenever I hear I have to do geometry homework. 


6. How did you get involved in acting and modelling?

My grandmother YaYa made a Facebook page when I was 4yrs old. An agency saw it, contact her for Dr. Phil show I guest appear on it as myself, and soon afterward booked a “Phifer”National Commercials.


7. What has been your favorite role to date?

My favorite role to date was playing Imani in movie Niara. I have only one line. Its all emotional.  I was kidnapped by militant from Kenya, I was abused, mistreated, taught to become a killer.


8. Who was your favorite person to interview at the NAACP Image Awards and why?

Oh, my. I have too many. But if I had to pick, it would be Loni Love from The Real Talk Show She said she was very proud of me, and I was a good example going after what I wanted.


9. What was it like interviewing people at the 2015 American Music Awards?

Interviewing people at the American Music Awards, I was a little shy.  But meeting & interviewing LA Sparks basketball player Lisa Lesile was the best because I interviewed her daughter. 


10. You’re a model, actor, reporter and rapper (and only 12-years-old!) How do you manage to keep up with everything?

My grandmother YaYa has taught me to have good work ethics, prioritize my time, stay humble and grateful.


12. Do you have any projects for 2019 we can get a sneak peak of?

My new projects 2019, hopefully, I’ll return to Mani Season 4. Um, I’m excited to have a role in Carl Weber, The Family Business on BET. (I can’t say much about it) I got a chance to hang out and meet the entire cast,  I just shot “Justice”spring collections in January, I have a Hallmark commercial coming out, I lip sync Tina Turner “Simply The Best”,  and my other show “Pink” waiting to see which network picked us, and  I’m hoping to win Young Entertainers and Young Artist Awards 2019.