DIY Braided Headband


Make your own braided headband! It’s an easy and creative way to accessorize your hair and try something different. Have fun!

What You Need:

  • Colorful yarn (It should be twice as long as the headband)

  • Headband

  • Pair of scissors

  • Hot glue gun


  • Take one of the colors of yarn and tie a knot around the end of all the yarns. Make sure it’s secure.  Wrap the yarn around the yarns several times. Tie the end in a knot with one of the ends from the bunches of yarn.

  • Separate the yarns into three equal sections and start braiding. While braiding, be sure to check your braid against the headband to check the length. When the braided yarn is as long as the headband, wrap and knot the end.

  • Once you are done braiding and both of the ends are tied, trim them to make them equal.

  • Take the hot glue gun and add tiny amounts of hot glue to the headband and then attach the braid to it.

  • Once the glue has completely dried, you’re good to go! You can wear your braided headband anyway you want!

Try out this look and tell us how it turns out!


P.S Here are a few images that might be useful for you to understand the instructions clearly.