15 Boredom Busters For Your Fun Summer!


Everyone has had times when they’re bored. Well, here’s a list of boredom busters:

  • Make a goal, and do a little every day. Try and complete it by the end of summer.

  • Read an entire book in a set time. Write a review for it.

  • Exercise (swim, yoga, walk, run, bike)

  • Do a book or movie marathon in three days time.

  • Write a book. Edit, and maybe publish.

  • Text or call a friend or family member.

  • Start a collection (rocks, books, dolls, keychains)

  • Bake a cake or cookies. It takes time, and you get sweets.

  • Blog. (I use Weebly, but there’s also Webstarters and Wix)

  • Give or get advice on here or another website.

  • Learn something new. This could mean a hobby or just a few facts.

  • Find a way to get money. (A few ways are babysitting, yard or garage sale, and bake sale) I’ll be writing a post on more ways to get money soon.

  • Have a party with your friends. Eat chips and junk food while watching movies or playing boardgames.

  • Do karaoke. No not at a bar, just for your parents, or in your own room.

  • Watch the clouds, then the stars. Try counting them, if you’re really bored.

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