10 Things to do When You’re Sick That Will Boost Your Immunity 


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I hate being sick, and let’s be honest, you probably do too. But when you’re sick, getting better soon is a huge priority. So, here are 10 super-easy ways to feel better fast and boost your immunity.

  • Get lots of rest
    When you’re sick, you usually feel tired. Lots of rest and relaxation will help your body be able to keep fighting off your sickness. In addition, with lots of rest, you will feel better and more rested.

  • Eat soup
    Ever wonder why it’s good to have soup when you’re sick? According to greatist.com, chicken noodle soup contains cysteine, which helps thin mucus in the lungs, fight throat inflammation, and prevent dehydration. Plus, soup is hot, which can help soothe a sore and hurting throat. For this reason, hot tea is also good to drink when sick.

  • DON’T eat candy
    Sugary foods and drinks may make you feel better and refreshed for a short amount of time, but did you know that when you’re sick, sweets actually suppress the immune system and can cause inflammation? This isn’t a great idea when you’re sick (or even when you’re healthy), so make sure to stay off the sweets while you’re feeling under the weather.

  • Drink lots of liquids
    When you’re sick, you can get dehydrated easily, especially when you have a sore throat. To combat this, drink lots of water and liquids, such as tea with honey in it, broth, or ginger ale.

  • Take a hot bath or shower
    When you’re sick, hot baths and showers can really help. If your nose is stuffy, the steam can help to clear your nose up temporarily. Also, hot showers can stimulate blood flow to the rest of your body, along with many other health benefits that can lessen flu and cold systems quickly.

  • Take a break from screens
    When you’re sick, staring at screens all day can make you extremely tired, which does not help your immune system. Instead of watching YouTube or scrolling through social media all day when you’re sick, choose instead to do something else, such as reading a book, listening to a podcast, doing a craft in bed, or even just sleeping!

  • Use essential oil
    Have you ever heard of essential oil? Essential oils are concentrated liquids containing aroma compounds from plants. You can use essential oils by rubbing them on your skin (if it is meant for it) or putting them in a diffuser, which disperses the essential oil into the air so that their scent fills the room the diffuser is located in. It’s like air freshener but not artificial! Besides giving the room an amazing scent, essential oils and diffusers have several health benefits as listed below:
    – Lavender essential oil: The scent of lavender, besides smelling amazing and making you calmer, can help break up phlegm when added to your diffuser right before bed. Additionally, lavender-scented essential oil can help you relax and get more sleep.
    – Eucalyptus essential oil: This type of oil helps to relieve chest congestion as well as stubborn coughs. To get the best effects, put a few drops in your diffuser, or add several drops of oil into a hot bath or shower.
    – Lemon essential oil: The scent of lemon essential oil is energizing and refreshing, which is perfect for helping you to get back on your feet after being sick. You can also ingest lemon oil, so mixing it into some chicken noodle soup or tea is perfectly fine.
    – Tea tree essential oil: Use this type of oil in your diffuser to reduce chest congestion, or apply some to your temples and next to relieve a headache or a chronic cough.
    – Peppermint essential oil: Since peppermint essential oil is cooling and refreshing, it is ideal to help you get through coughing spells or a sore throat. Peppermint oil can also help to relieve sore muscles and clear out airways, or, when added to a diffuser, can help soothe a nauseous stomach.

  • Apply lip balm or chapstick
    When you’re sick, your nose and lips will get chapped more easily, especially when you keep blowing your nose. Make sure to apply lip balm often, and applying some to the outsides of your nostrils can soothe them and make your nose feel better and less chapped. My personal favorite type of lip balm is Burt’s Bees.

  • Add an extra pillow to sleep on
    Aren’t nights the worst when you’re sick? Your nose is stuffed, and you often have trouble falling asleep. Adding an extra pillow where you lie can help to open up your nasal passages and in turn, help you breathe better.

  • Try cough drops
    Though tea and soup can help alleviate cold symptoms such as a sore throat, cough drops or medicine can help even more. Make sure to follow the instructions on the cough drop bag (such as how often to take them).

  • Gargle salt water
    Though this isn’t as tasty as some other ways for relieving a sore throat, gargling a mixture of warm water and salt can help to soothe your throat. Gargling fire cider helps, too.

  • Make sure to practice sick hygiene
    When you’re sick, make sure to wash your hands often, cover your coughs and sneezes, and practice sick etiquette and hygiene. Try not to make others sick because of you!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Did any of these tips help you to feel better while sick? What are your tips for feeling better when sick? Comment down below!