P.S. This Book is Better 

P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han is the sequel to To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han in a duology series. This was the last book! And if you read my book review for To All the Boys, you’d know how critical I was with my judgements and opinions. I regret nothing.

Buuut-this book took the cake. This sequel was like an exorcism, bringing Jenny Han’s writing to life, because I loved it compared to To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, which I found stretched out and left with a lot of strings untied. That book was like a cake left forgotten in an oven. 🙂

ps i still love you jenny han

Anyway, I found Lara Jean and Peter’s relationship really cute, almost like puppy-love in this sequel. And speaking of relationships, I found the sisterly-bond between Lara Jean and Kitty and Margot soooo good. The level of wit and closeness had escalated, and the way they argued over little things showed the absolute realism of sisters. I should know-I’m a sister myself. 😀
Anyway, the side characters grew, and I don’t regret calling them “flat and one-dimensional” in my review for the first book-but the characters did gain a lot of substance and I feel like Jenny Han opened a window for us to see into these character’s personalities better. If you’re an effective writer, or a good reader, growth is substantial and inevitable when it comes to writing wholesome characters. And though I really enjoyed and recognized this character development, I do think Jenny Han’s transition from one extreme to another wasn’t exactly the way to go.
Even so, I found myself liking Kitty the best. Her voice was older in this, and relatable for me as I am also the youngest child. But I think Jenny Han forgot that she was nine; she sounded more like a twelve year old, and I think I would have liked her better if she was 12.

ps i still love you jenny han quotes

As always, Jenny Han’s aspect of realness was spot-on; the little problems and activities Lara Jean’s family experience help give the book that feel.
The level of drama was heightened in this book, and I rooted for Lara Jean-but I just wish she would have said a few more things to Peter about Genevieve: again, she didn’t ask the right questions and squarely confront him. She beat around the bush. But she grew also grew, though not much.
The ending, I must say, was fast, kind of like the author was just dragging out the book-and then just ending it with a snap of her fingers.
P.S. I Still Love You was a fantastic read, though definitely not my favorite book on my shelf.

More soon Miss O’s.