4 Genres Girls would love to read!


Hey I am @diya.mishra, and I’m a reader on a mission to make every one around me fall in love with reading. Ever read the poem, “television”? You should definitely. It’ll make you think of using a little of your time to read, so that your imagination stays alive I’ll tell you about it some other time for sure. So without further ado.. let’s begin!!! Here-

  • Humor
    No matter how old you are you could always use some of the humorous books to deal with all the sadness and depression around you. Trust me it works!
    If you’re thinking of reading a humorous read I would definitely recommend:
    1. ‘The Canterville Ghost’
    About the book- Well it’s about a family who shifts into the haunted house which ones belonged to late sir Simon de Canterville. And about his ghost which fails every attempt to make the family scared. It’s a really humourous and short read. (It’s a novella)
    2.  The Diary of a Wimpy kid
    And there is no chance you don’t know about it

  • Directories
    If you are a girl who always needs some advice (and you are because hey we are girls we need a lot of advice), this genre is for you. Let me tell you a bit more about the genre. Well basically it’s a book with a lot of personality quizzes which help you know your style, yourself better and a lot of DIY recipes.. Who doesn’t love that? Get yourself a copy of a girls directory and you’ll know how fun is it to have a go to guide to cringe, style tips and a lot more. My recommendation for this genre would be pink pages.

  • Romance or Y.A
    Here for the girls who love sad and deep reads, romance and Y.A (young adult) novels would be perfect. Its the kind of genre in which you can never forget about the book that easily it’ll make you think about the characters a lot like what happened to them, what should have happened and their after lives etc.
    My recommendation would be:
    1. The Fault in our Stars
    2. Elenor and Park
    3. Everything, Everything

  • The Craft Guides
    These books help you to awaken your Craft girl spirit and create awesome DIYs and use the power of creation to convert waste to useful objects.
    My recommendation would be ‘This and That‘.

So that’s all for this #wonderfulwednesdayreads and if you girls like it I’m gonna try to post contents like this twice a month on Wednesdays..
@diya.mishra out 🤘