Body Confidence – Healthy is Happy

girl-running, miss o and friends, girl running on beach

Everywhere you turn, someone is talking about how girls should have confidence with their own bodies. Despite all the hype about being confident, it is difficult to be happy with ourselves when every magazine we see features super-unhealthy models and has two-page articles on how to be unhealthily thin. It makes it seem as if the media and society thinks girls can’t fit in unless they are a size 2 or smaller.

Not true!

Healthy is happy, and healthy doesn’t necessarily mean being thin. It does mean eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise. Instead of lying on the couch this Saturday catching up on the latest episodes of your favorite television show, go outside for a walk. Instead of munching on potato chips and cookies, opt for fruits and veggies. Instead of gulping down soda, opt for some juice or some water.

Besides being healthy physically, it is important to be healthy mentally, as well. Build up your happiness and confidence. Wear clothing that makes YOU feel good, not the fashions that everyone else says are cool, especially if you don’t feel comfortable in them. When you open a magazine and start feeling down because you aren’t thin like the models featured there, tell yourself that those images have been photoshopped, and you are REAL and beautiful. When you show that you are confident with yourself, your friends will begin feeling confident with themselves, too!